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LFG [NA-EST][PvE][PvX][Casual / semi-hardcore][LGBTQ+ friendly]

Hello all,
I am a returning GW2 player, been playing on and off since release, and a vet from GW1. I’ve found myself in a vicious cycle the last year or so, where I try to come back to the game, usually excited for new content or feeling nostalgic, start playing casually, pick up where I left off on my goals, get super lonely (doesn’t feel like an MMO), and then leave only to inevitably repeat the process again down the road. I’ve only ever been a part of small “up and coming” guilds that have always gone AFK after about a year. I’d like to join a larger PvE to stoke the flame I have for a game I love.

A little about what I’m looking for

-Larger, well established guild I can help contribute to and be apart of
- I’m tired of donating a considerable amount of time and resources into small guilds only to have them disband or permanently go AFK
-Mature-ly Immature adults who are not afraid to swear and joke around while not overstepping the line into overly offensive jokes.
-LGBTQ+ etc friendly
-Community oriented (I’m looking to make some friends)
-PvE oriented with dabbles in PvP and WvW
-Run Raids and Fractals but not a focus

A little about me and my in game goals

-Aquire Luminescent amour
-Finish my 1st legendary - Bolt
-Get my Skyscale
-Make lasting friends! :)
-I’m east coast US

  • I LOVE Lore and have an unhealthy need to Roller Beatle everywhere I go xD
  • I play a plethora of other games including Overwatch, Minecraft, Total War, Zelda/Metroid/Pokémon games

Hit me up here or in game @ guitarguru.5673