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[NA] Returning Player Looking for an Active Guild

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I know this has been posted many a times in these forums, but I am a returning player that's looking for an active guild to be a part of.

To put this in a bit of context I never really quit playing the game, but real life happened to say the least, and I barely could play. Fast forward to now, and things have settled down for now, and I just built a brand new PC too. I am looking to get back into the game that I played since its beta again, but the 2 guilds I am basically a part of still are dead. Not even the guild leaders have been on in over 2 years is how dead they are.

Outside of missing a lot of the past Living Story content I do have a couple of Level 80's with some Ascended Gear, but no Legendary's. I main mostly a Necromancer, but I also have a Level 80 Guardian that I play a lot as well. I am looking to join a guild that can help me get up to speed with things such as the current meta, farming areas, and of course end content like raiding and Fractals for example. I also will do WvW on occasion, but PvP has never been my forte, but if there is a mob run happening with the guild or others I may drop in to help out.

Preferably I'd like to be in an 18+ guild, and one that uses voice chat. I do have Discord, and a headset. I am in the Central Time Zone if that is a factor for anyone, and I play mainly in the evening. I thank all of you that read this, and if you're interested in having me you can message me here, or in game.


  • Hey there! After reading your message, I felt inclined to atleast give you a shout out. I'm currently working on a guild from the ground up with about 18 friends I've met along my journey of 7 years in GW2. We're currently level 33. Guild is called Foundry of Failed Creations [KEY]. We are an 18+ guild and religiously use discord voice chat. Our guild does everything from personal story, LW seasons, fractals, map complete, dungeons, world bosses, expansions, and dabble a bit in WvW (Northern Shiverpeaks mostly). We all have our little quirks, but still play nicely together and try to get guild missions done once a week. If you think you might be interested please message me on discord, TigCastig#1623. Hope to hear from you!

  • Hello Darth! I'd like to offer the services of the GOATs to you. We've mostly been a WvW guild up until recently when we retired from the competitive scene. I definitely still roam myself. The guild has shifted to a much more laid back social atmosphere working on achievements, helping new players and just in general enjoying our time in game. We are definitely an adult only guild and tend to have rather racy conversations going on. lol. If you want to check out my guild ad or hop into discord to get to know us better feel free. We typically only use voice during events that we run.


    Guild leader for Goats of Thunder. No pants allowed.