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Urgent Crash Bug Detected

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In the story instance The Departure, when you listen to the bargain that Joko made for the second time before leaving the instance, the game crashes out, and the player is stuck having to do the entire instance all over again. This happened to me twice in a row.

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  • Same here. And that is if it doesnt disconnect right when the cinematic after the first fight is supposed to play. 2 days now. Cant get any further in story.

  • Same issue is happening for my friend so we can no longer play the story together.

  • Same for my husband and me. Seems this game just doesn't like people playing together. We've had many crashes while playing together through PoF, but for some reason I can solo stuff just fine. We played GW together...we'd like to play GW2 together too...

  • Tenna Tulre.2076Tenna Tulre.2076 Member ✭✭
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    One of my guild members has had this happen six times now as well, and in her case, the client itself closes out entirely without an error listed. I posted also on Reddit looking for help for her, as she's gotten to the point that she doesn't want to play just because she can't continue. Oddly I got mine the first time I tried it last night, and my husband meanwhile is struggling with what a CC is. facepalms But, any help would be appreciated. She sent in a bug report in game, and I think through the website as well. All we can tell is that it's happening at this exact spot as well - at the end of "The Departure." I've considered rolling back my story to that point to try to bring her through, but I don't want to risk picking up the bug somehow in mine as well. She's rebooted her computer, router, modem, and even ran the repair on her game client, but nothing has helped yet.

    Edit: One of the necros we spoke to said that they had to revert their story to the storyline before, so in this case to restart the story step of "The Way Forward" (hero panel -> story journal). He heard a lot of necros are having issues but he thinks it's necros are killing things faster than the coding is anticipating.

  • I was getting that too when I was standing in front of the cage waiting for the NPC to finish talking. I got it 3 times on two different days. Then I tried to go straight to the gate to the portal and wait there until it opens. No disconnect this time and I was able to finish the instance.

  • You're lucky, after I d/c'd after listening to Joko for the second time, I crash every single time after the first fight right before the first cutscene. I have that fight down to a science I've done it so many times now.

  • Update: she was able to make it through this time. This time she did go slower in the portion where you follow Your Purpose, and then when she was at the final dialogue with Joko, she waited up at the gate to the portal as well.

  • Toffle.3402Toffle.3402 Member ✭✭

    Still getting this bug to this day. crashed at same spot on my first two attempts of the overly long and boring quest. I don't know if I have a third attempt in me. I'll look for drugs and try again. Please fix.

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