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  1. Adding onto this as well: Main hand pistol 3 still misses at point blank range. Please adjust the projectile speed to eliminate this issue (if the proj speed is actually the issue).
  2. Getting right to the point for Engineer: - Reduce precast of Engineer hammer skills 2 and 4 - Reduce precast of Engineer flamethrower 2 skill - CD reduction of Engi flamethrower toolbelt skill - Increase the healing effect of bunker down. 598 for a CC is pretty comical. - Either keep the bleeding duration the same and increase the probability of bleeding proccs for Engineer Firearms Sharpshooter trait, or increase the duration and keep the probability the same.
  3. Hello there friend, Just a couple tidbits: scrapper was meant more to be a power focused elite spec, being a bruiser or "tank" (this was recently changed and scrapper is supposed to be "support" now, pretty stupid). That's why it doesn't have much to offer in the condition realm. I like the idea of the weapon swap, but I also don't. However, one idea to bounce of yours, would be to add a kit to the weapon swap button, which it can then act as a "second weapon" but in reality it would be a kit. Same cd, same everything, just instead of taking of a bar on the utility spot, it lives in the weapon swap button.
  4. You may be highly underestimating flamethrower as a whole. the idea of the kit is for its autos, which i like. One thing i agree with, however, is ft2. it's a bit slow and inconsistent, and then there's a nasty bug going around currently where if you swap weapons while using it, it will just cancel the skill altogether. pretty dumb. but the autos can really chew through folks and the burn proccs from the other skills can help boost its damage. i've been exclusively running flamethrower in pvp and pve since launch, and with my experience on the kit i can definitely say while it's not going to net you 30k dps, it will provide solid consistency in damage by spraying autos. incen powder can help it do more consistent burning too with its autos and its toolbelt.
  5. Flamethrower does crit yes. It can serve either as a condition weapon or a power weapon. If you're running conditions, you will want condition duration boosts to maximized the burning to linger longer. If you run it as power, I'd recommend using high caliber and no scope (you can change no scope for pinpoint dist for more damage but less crit chance). Juggernaut is a great choice for power ft (somewhat as well for conditions) but for pure conditions, run incendiary powder. If you use Juggernaut, stack a LOT of might to do huge consistent damage. It's not a bursty weapon, it more specializes in keeping the pressure with consistent damage, either over time or power.
  6. guys, guys, guys.... while you all fight and destroy each other over complaining about nerfs, lets address the elephant in the room. lets make burn and poison how they were before they massively buffed them in pvp pre-HoT: only one stack. burn can get buffed again to do around 700-800 damage per second (with high condition damage) and poison can do around 350-400 per second (still keeping the added nerf to received healing by 33% when afflicted with poison). Also, pump up the duration for them again since they'll only be 1 stack again.
  7. Well, not hating on your post and not being rude, just offering some insight. Originally, the game was supposed to be designed so that professions don't fit roles, builds fit roles. Unfortunately, we have builds that can fit ALL roles and then some, hence why we have a meta that's bursty, sustainable, and has consistent dps, topped with mobility. elite specs were supposed to be introduced to help fit professions into roles that they could have been struggling to fit in base game, or introduced their special trait lines to more further fit them into an intended role, but these elite specs just ended up being direct buffs to professions because they allowed you to fit multiple roles. Powercreep, pretty much.
  8. What changes in particular? That's what I mean, we need the missing context.
  9. What's the issue in reference? Need context.
  10. Hmm, I recommend looking at elixir c now. they halved the cd of that util.
  11. To piggyback off this, one of their grenade skills is also unblockable, which in my opinion shouldn't exist for a kit based around dealing area damage. This unblockable skill can completely throw off defensive reactions, as the effect is strong in and of itself (poison, 33% reduced healing from all sources) while also dealing some decent damage. I think the unblockable effect of this skill should be removed, the blast gyro skill needs a cooldown increase from 25-35 or even 40s, stealth gyro in pvp may also either need a cd increase or a duration decrease....this should put it in a much healthier spot, as it will emphasise the burst aspect of the build: one big burst but the lack of consistent damage after said burst.
  12. Inventions is actually supposed to be the defensive trait line.
  13. thems fightin words grrrrr >=( i'm making core engi great again
  14. Once upon a time, balance was much closer and achievable than we all think today. before the specialization patch. Good times.
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