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  1. Lets all say a prayer for Inventions, killed by ArenaNet during the specialization patch. R.I.P #NeverForget
  2. Yeah the old trait system was superior to this current one. The old traits didn't give huge bonuses for taking traits, small gradual but important bonuses that really determined your role and, when combined with similar traits for the desired role, added up to be strong. What we have currently is just "overload so many good things into one trait and make it so good, it MUST be taken no matter what build you play" which is what killed the diversity of the core days. FeelsBadMan
  3. I hope it's not a Holo 2.0 spec like they tried to do with Scrapper (copy paste losing F5 for something else spec specific). It'll be boring as F.
  4. Healer, at least by a default with the option of running a condition focused DPS build.
  5. I think losing the elite toolbelt skill is tradeoff enough. I'd really like to see Adaptive Armor become the GM Minor trait, with much less barrier but functions the same as the old Adaptive Armor (barrier when struck). However, I'm not really too much of a fan of the whole barrier mechanic on Scrapper in general. I'd much rather see the old-fashioned damage mitigation aspect of the Scrapper come back with flat dam mitigation for skills/selectable traits, and the old stacking toughness aspect return for Adaptive Armor. Just my 2 cents. EDIT: I also think that the toolbelt should have
  6. Attitude, no. From my understanding of the OPs original post, he's under the impression Scrapper's design was around it being a support. I'm simply stating this is not the case, but it can run support if it so chooses because that's the beauty of how these elite specs were made: it wants to focus primarily on a specific role but it still has the option of running another type of role if the player so chooses, due to trait selections. Which would bring up the following for my side of things, in that this new elite spec, in my opinion, should be a support focused spec (primarily, not o
  7. Tanks in this game are high damage, high defense, little to no self sustain and little to no mobility (Scrapper is the oddball in the mobility department thanks to the superspeed passive). Recall the trait Rapid Regeneration? It was removed, as well as Impact Savant being changed to what it is now and moved to being the passive it is now to fit it more in their idea of what a tank is. A tank and a bunker are two different things in this game, bunker being a combination of defense and self sustain (healing, condition removal, etc). Supports are builds that focus primarily on granting boons to a
  8. You basically just confirmed exactly what I said to be true. It's a tank role, with the option of running traits to be a support. But alone, it's a tank role. Arenanet themselves said so, which I already covered that unless you want another copy and paste of their message. Not once did I deny that they could opt in to be a support with trait choices, which you, again, confirmed this.... Then you even had the gall to be somewhat of a smart-ace and tried to talk down to me with the whole "here you go" mock LEL. Also, not denying that they have some valid support builds,
  9. Never said they didn't want Scrapper to have support options. Here you go, what I said literally a few posts ago. "Yes, the patch note proving that the spec is supposed to be a tank, with the option of taking support traits for a more support role, but by default a tank."
  10. Yes, the patch note proving that the spec is supposed to be a tank, with the option of taking support traits for a more support role, but by default a tank.
  11. Here you go, 7/16/2019 update, including the Scrapper rework. Directly from Anet. Engineer Scrappers are seeing a comprehensive rework in this update, targeted at improving the Function Gyro to be more of a core mechanic and unifying some of the disparate themes present in the trait line. These changes aim to refocus the scrapper as a tank-like character that utilizes personal barrier applications to stay in a fight
  12. I've played WvW, and let me re-iterate: Scrapper is designed to be a tank with the option of running support-ish setups. Just because it can run a specific setup doesn't mean it's naturally that spec's role. I, for example, run a pure damage oriented build. Is Scrapper now a DPS role by default, or was the DPS role it's intended design? For more proof of this, Anet themselves stated that Scrapper's intended design philosophy is for it to be a tank. 'Nuff said.
  13. 100 extra condition damage is nothing to sneeze at, it's a pretty big jump in overall effectiveness of your DoTs.
  14. While at a glance having both Pinpoint and Thermal doesn't make sense due to the reasons you pointed out, I also think there is some key differences that may explain why this was created this way. Pinpoint only requires that you be in combat in order to get the gain in condition damage, as well as can pump it out to an entire team including yourself. Thermal, on the other hand, requires you keep burning on your target, which pairs very well with incendiary powder GM trait. Each of these scenarios can really drastically change what other traits/utils you take as well as what your possible
  15. Scrapper is not a support role, it's a tank role with the option of running support-ish. However I do think expert exam needs to be rethought. It's a great trait, but being easier to get off would be more ideal instead of relying on stunning/dazing foes. As a result, the uptime of weakness on it should come down by at least half. As for bulwark, I really miss the pure damage mitigation of scrapper back in the day. The whole barrier thing, I'm not too fond of. I liked the damage reduction and the protection gains much more than this iteration of Scrapper.
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