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  1. This is untrue, and the way you attempt to demean players with legitimate concerns/scenarios/step-by-step descriptions of why the issue is the issue sounds to me like you're covering for your own lack of skill. -roots are not as fragile as they may seem, they actually pack some health. -burn guard is not easily kiteable, it has tools available to periodically close the gap and get in to do their damage.
  2. Actually, skills in WoW do small damage numbers like this too. So no, this is not the only game where Warrior does "no damage".
  3. Just wanted to check in here. But yes, Reaper is pretty nutty, and Scourge is super nutty.
  4. In PvP/WvW, the majority of meta builds was not power based. Bunker Chrono was an example of an extremely strong condition build. Condition Reaper as well. Berserker, when it was played, was also focused on conditions. Scourge was a purely condition build before the recent changes to boons (and a few nerfs along the way). Mirage I think was a bit more hybrid, but its conditions were the pain givers. Firebrand was also condition/support based. Core ele was celestial, which is a combination of condition/power. Engineer was also celestial, a combination of condition/power. If I'm also not mistake
  5. I mean what I've been saying about immob has not been addressed, especially to death, seeing as there are still skills in the game that pulse 2s immob per pulse. You named one example. Power damage only really "dominated" after power damage was buffed due to HoT. Before HoT there was a balance of power and condition builds, even when burning/poison was non-stackable. One in particular, seeing as you're an engi main, was the pistol/pistol condition build that still took sizeable chunks of your health away per second when you ramped up all of your conditions. As well, conditions builds were
  6. I don't want to remove anything. Only tone down. Example using Ranger's elite skill that pulses immobilize. I think that's a pretty cool and unique feature of the Ranger's toolkit. but the immob, if it's going to pulse, shouldn't last 2s per pulse. That 2s might not seem like much, but in a really tight situation, that could spell doom for the player. And really, unless you have several clears available (one conversion if you have such a skill available at all), all it takes is to be struck once by one of the pulses and you're as good as a sitting duck for the Ranger to pick you off.
  7. But the fact that I would NEED to change my entire toolkit for the Ranger alone would suggest what I'm saying: the immob on some of the Ranger's skills is overtuned. As well, Ranger does not only have one source, so if you expend YOUR resource to counter theirs, they have plenty more where that came from, nullifying your attempt to counter their resource. So while there is ample amount of tools, there are more of that ample amount of immob to simply overtake the ample amount of counter tools.
  8. pulsing immob shouldn't last more than 1 second, and other sources of immob shouldn't last more than 2. It's not a learn to play issue.
  9. I promise you that Applied Force is still worth it.
  10. Y'all sleeping on Applied Force big time. it gives up quickness and the power you get for having quickness, but it gives much more consistent and controlled steady dps over the course of fights. It's not a bursty "melt your soul" build anymore, it's in it more for the long haul now. I'd suggest trying the build with bulwark gyro now, even elixir B can work well with it. And if you have a dedicated support with you on your team, try running elixir U and elixir B, or just run the usual elixir u, c, h, and x build with HGH. it's still a great trait folks, don't give up on it yet.
  11. Conditions weren't utter garbage at all, conditions were not bad. People wanted them to do more damage, bursty damage. And anet caved and gave it to them. PvE can have burn and poison stack, that's completely fine with me. But in a PvP setting, no. Specific cases in PvP where it's overperforming, yes. Ranger's immob, both from their elite and the jacaranda, as well as other sources like utilities and pet skills, is overtuned. I can, if you wish, create a list of all of the skills/utils that immob, but one of THE biggest offenders is the ranger's elite. Lets keep in mind what con
  12. Immob or burning should not be removed. Immob uptimes need to be brought down, and burn/poison needs to go back to what it was in the past: conditions that don't stack, only stacks duration. Burning is already the most powerful condition you can put on a player, and before they reworked it to stack, it was doing around 600 hp per second for that single stack (which is fine). With poison, the reason why it should not stack as well like before, is that it also has the added benefit of its utility, being able to reduce healing by 33%. it should go back to that, having only 1 stack but stacking du
  13. Sounds interesting. I think the lack of damage is ok, given you're not looking to be in a damage role, more for a support/bunker role. Give it a test and see how it fares!
  14. I don't agree. I run a no defense flamethrower build, still don't die to prot holo, and still recognize that its damage and defense, as well as its mobility and ability to stick to targets, is pretty high up there. condition focused mes in general that has a very high level of sustained condition application will beat an engineer in general anyways, because of engi's nature of their condition clearing and mitigation being at a smaller level than its other class counterparts. as well, spellbreaker can still hit pretty hard with its greatsword burst skill, spellbreaker also has a lot of eva
  15. Holo damage while running prot holo is not laughable. This is the exact mistake people make when seeing that players run this type of build, the mistake that gets them killed. Holo by default has higher damage due to its minor traits. sword damage is nothing to sneeze at either, it's incredibly strong.
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