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New to mesmer: WvW roamer / Condi / Hybrid?

Noerknhar.3826Noerknhar.3826 Member ✭✭
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Hey folks,

I'm new to mesmer, and haven't played WvW for quite a while (3 years?).
We'd like to set up a smallscale group, nothing serious, just a bit of roaming and getting facerolled by the zurg - that kinda thing, pretty standard stuff.

Any suggestion on how to fit in Mesmer into this? Was thinking about the shatter mirage build on Metabattle, but would also consider condi.

What's your roaming build? What's most fun?

PS: would love to play GS and sword... ;)


  • whoknocks.4935whoknocks.4935 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For Gs and sword weapon combo you can only go full power using a shatter build like the one you saw on metabattle and make changes to it to adapt to your playstyle.

    Full condi was one of the strongest roamer build for 1vs1 and 1vsX due to the high condi damage, vitality and toughness, but nerf after nerf now it's just good against really terrible players.

    The stronger roamer option is hybrid, because when you will fight someone his build can't be good to protect against power and condi and the same time, that's why it's so strong, even tho it's not that survivable like a full condi build, it's more risky to use of course.

    Full power mirage is such a strong build too, but it's all based on combos, so you won't be 100% effective till you mastered greatsword shatters combo, because the animations are very telegraphed, so good players can completely deny all your burst with 1 or 2 dodges, you need to practice baiting skills and practicing making the combos to be effective with it.

    Watch videos on youtube and based on the playstyle choose what you think you like the most.

  • Thanks for your response, mate.
    I have watched a couple of youtube videos and feel comfortable to go for the shatter mirage. Again, it's all about style and I want to use those crazy GS/S I have ;)

    Anyways, what I could not quite understand yet is the opener: where do all the clones come from that you shatter more or less right after opening combat? My explanation so far is S3, dodge and GS2, but this probably isn't right, is it?


  • Koen.1327Koen.1327 Member ✭✭✭

    i run full condi mirage, and it's the best for solo roaming despite what whoknocks said
    hybrid in forms of grieving/viper's doesn't have enough sustain, and in forms of cele it doesn't do enough damage anymore - i highly recommend against hybrid setups.

    in a small group power gs does very well, packs insane dmg and can go in and out pretty much unnoticed
    for solo roaming power is still good, but cant really survive long so you're forced to disengage a lot.

    as for opener, it's mostly focused on not getting detected, since your burst is predictable, mainly revolved around gs2+f1+gs3 and anything you can add.
    poke with sword ambush, s3 until your enemy has vulnerability stacked on him and wasted some defensive skills then proceed to 1 shot him from stealth

  • Thanks Koen - condi is not what I want, unless you can effectively play it with GS/S ;)

    Having said that, I'll give the build a shot now and see what I end up doing. In any case, ranger invulnerability is currently my biggest issue, apart from pressing buttons in random order.

  • After playing the built for a while now (I admit, it was only a week, so this might not be long-term reality), I have to say that I am massively underwhelmed. Every other roamer build has buffs, immunities and/or loads you with conditions, which you can't clear efficiently or sufficiently.
    TL;DR if your initial burst doesn't kill the enemy, you gotta run or are dead.

    Really not what I am looking for. Maybe I check out ranger next ;)

  • Hey, I'm not new but I'm returning after years and I would like to know if ther's a good Mirage Condition/Hybrid Build viable for a WvW solo roaming. I'd like to use the Staff too, I've found nothing good for me on Metabattle... Or if you've something really good I'm open to new build ideas.
    Any Advice?

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