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  1. People who chase 10vs1 a solo player that is a thief or any other profession are stupid players. You have no idea how many groups completely ignored objectives, camps towers and sometimes keeps just to chase me down 10+ or more and lost those objectives during the time of the chase. And those are the kind of players who will tell you, this is 1vs1 gamemode yadayadayada.Well, this is not a 10vs1 gamemode either, and if you lose objectives just to chase or to kill a solo player/roamer, you actually lost to that solo player even if you ended up killing him. I am not talking of cleanup kills after a zerg vs zerg fight where you kill the few enemy remained alive, that's normal. But what's the point of chasing a solo player across half map just for a kill? Who cares if that thief escaped you, get your dang 10 man group and grab a tower, a keep and you helped you server 100 times more than killing a thief 10vs1.
  2. i dunno if this comment was serious or not but i dont see any other classes getting tradeoff for a revert on a MECHANICAL nerf.I think the whole history of balance patches for mesmer is a big enough tradeoff. Current Arenanet needs their trade-offs though.Mirage's current trade-off is the loss of one dodge in PvP.If they were to undo that, Arenanet would have to introduce a different trade-off.And given their track record with these trade-offs, an idea like damage feedback from illusions wouldn't be out of Arenanet's domain.Their "balance" history, however, does not count as one.Well, my idea of tradeoff is, Mirage loses his F4 Distortion too same as chrono and instead F4 will be: Gain Mirage Cloak for X seconds for each clone shattered, this may be with 40 seconds or more cooldown.Kinda works like a third dodge invuln, but not quite, can still be interrupted by certain CCs which are not evadable, you lose all synergies with distort, but gain mirage cloak synergies (ambushes etc.).It is very similar to thief tradeoff that Steal got reduced range but compensated with unblockable. And considering holosmith, herald, renegade and to some extent other professions have near to zero if not zero tradeoffs, why not? So basically you kill greatsword power combo with this change, I don't like much.
  3. Wrong, for condi IH is an essential trait, and pretty broken one. If you give 2 dodges again leaving IH untouched, condi no brainer mirage return meta again. Probably give mirage 2 dodges, but change IH to Endurance Threshold Decrease: 50.
  4. I was thinking of changing the trait Elusive Mind this way: Dodging Removes ConditionsConditions Removed: 1 Endurance Threshold Increase: 50-1000 Condition damage This way nobrainer condi builds cannot benefit from the extra dodge and become broken again, to be fair condi/hybrid mirage is still pretty retard talking of WvW. Power Mirage will come back to life to be "viable" again, not broken, but VIABLE, because now it's seriously underperforming and the one and only who got hit heavily by the dodge nerf. Opinions? This is the best idea I came up with, I don't care of condi mirage mains opinions, since you are just the same as condi herald mains, noobs carried by a broken spec, nothing else. Thanks.
  5. You promised us more frequent patches to adjust problems on the run without leaving them untouched for months. And here we are, many months passed since the last huge balance patch. Are you working on something? Are you not? Buffs, nerfs, WvW alliance system... Can we get any feedback or a date more or less?
  6. Guardian is designed to succeed in sPvP over basically every other class. If you choose to take single hit burst, they have aegis to counter. If you take many multi-hit skills you will die to retal. If you do condi damage they have cleanse built into whatever spec you take. They have on-demand blind for anything they miss with aegis. They can skill stack better than pretty much any other class. The area control offered by symbols and traps is second-to-none. They have the power to instantly revive allies at range. They can port through walls. They have stunbreaks for days, or if the stunbreaks are gone they can activate the blind or aegis, shield of wrath, or retal as necessary. They have instant activation aoe CC. They have projectile block/reflect. Counterplaying a guard is harder than doing so for any other class. Historically people have excused guardians insane strength by calling it the slowest class or that it doesn't have tools like stealth. Turns out, Trapper runes make up for the only deficiencies guard had. Edit: Oh, completely forgot: They have the biggest get-out-of-jail-free card ever in the form of invulnerability. What is this "on demand blind" ? You mean the 1 skill on sword? OMG guardian has 1 skill on 1 weapon that can blind, that must mean it has perma insta infinite blind. And it's not like Rev, Ranger, Engi, Thief, Mes, Ele all have access to just as much blind? Right? "revive allies at range" - you're suggesting that trapper-DH is taking Signet of Mercy? What? "Stunbreaks for days" - the trapper-DH build runs ZERO stunbreaks. What? Aegis on Trapper DH? What? There's the 1 aegis from Shield 4 which has a long and obvious cast, and 1 aegis when disabled from trait, which is on 60s cd? You can't get through 2 aegis in 60s? Mesmer has more aegis than this. "biggest get out of jail free card in the form of invulnerability" - Trapper DH doesn't run RF, what are you talking about? "instant activation AoE CC" ???? If you're referring to Dragon's Maw, that isn't an instant-skill. It can't be used while disabled. You've imagined some magical guardian build that is taking 6 trait lines, 10 utilities and 5 weapons. This is the most ridiculous take I've ever seen. I can do the same with any class, be it thief, ranger, ele, engi, etc etc. I can imagine a build that is somehow using all 7 traitlines, 10+ utilities, 2 amulets simultaneously, and then list all the OP stuff this build would be able to do.Dh is god tier right now because it's a noob stomper build, insanely easy to use, very low skill and high reward. It is good even at high level because of the area denial you make over the nodes. It is good because you always have to waste a dodge to avoid traps, and I repeat waste, not use and doing so burn application which is ridiculously easy to produce will eat alive due to burn being the strongest damaging condition with such an easy application. Of course the build has counters like every other, but it on the same level as condi mirage was, scourge after pof release was, mashing buttons off cooldown while standing on the node and get rewarded.
  7. Put a cd on the runes and see those player drop back to silver lol. Or the usual reduction nerf, 1 sec superspeed 1 second stealth, maybe with 10 seconds ICD too why not.
  8. Before the mirage and chrono nerfs, mesmer was in the exact same spot of burn trapper dh now. But I guess it's ok when condi mirage was a plague right? That and scourge were the most spamming nobrainer builds of the maps and I climbed from silver2 to plat1 in 1/2 weeks casually playing. That being said I agree, burn trapper dh is the plague of the meta, rewards too much the player even if he is terrible and promote spam low risk gameplay. Not to mention guardian has even a support spec right now which is meta and some other classes barely have something viable.
  9. In a teamfight?Let's say the enemy team is composed by:Support (Core guardian, healbreaker or tempest).NecroBurn DragonhunterRangerThief Ranger at first of the match goes home(close) node. Rest is mid. I always find confusing on who to focus first.If you focus the support, he usually start kite around and defend tank himself not to die while the others just freecast and focus back on you.If you focus the necro, he gets supported and become usually too tanky to get down. Of course I am not talking of a team with microphone communication and top pvp players, but general target focus on tournament pugs, soloQ ranked matches where most of the times target focus is pretty meh. Thanks.
  10. Nothing of that, population is simply low. If wanna rank consistently and you are decent/good player you need to duo. SoloQ is tough and the twilight zone is gold1/2/3 where the majority of bots are. You might be a platinum skill level guy, but you keep being matches with bots which drop you down inevitably to lower ranks.
  11. You guys don't understand the real problem. Burn damage is crazy strong and stack too much, that is a true. But the real problem is how it's easy to be applied. With most power builds if you use your burst skills, let's say Sevenshot, if you reflect it or dodge it you are okay. If you cleanse 10 stacks of burn, few moments later you have another 10, you cleanse them too, next skill or just autoattack spam will give you another solid stack. This is the real problem, too easy to spam and apply with zero drawbacks.
  12. Well you need to distinguish build from build.The new shiro renegade even tho hated by everyone I consider a really hard build to master, need great energy management and class knowledge. Condi herald on the other hand is pure ape-tier and you can be a good at it after 3 matches.Power herald is a little bit harder, but still, herald traitline is huge carry, while renegade resemble more skillful gameplay imho.
  13. That's exactly what I was going to say. I like shadow abyss as it is, especially the fact that if you apply it to effects like glow or smoke it usually makes them much harder to see (sometimes almost invisible) rather than simply turning them black and that's very useful for me. I'm concerned that if it was changed some of the ways I currently use it would be ruined. But maybe they could add a kind of 'reverse permafrost' which just overwhelms all other factors and makes whatever it's applied to entirely black. I suspect that, like permafrost, it's something I'd only use occasionally and mainly for small details, but it could be useful. I know what you mean, but i would love to have chest pvp/wvw tentacles full black, I love making dark full black characters and seeing those white-ish grey-ish tentacles with shadow abyss cringe me a lot... While Permafrost or other intense dyes works perfectly.
  14. They are predictable, but very spammable, and if get caught in the elite even once you are pretty much done, and not always you can just dodge it, and 60k damage burn stacks applied in literaly 2 skills will get the job done.The problem is not how predictable it is, the problem is how trapper runes carry it, giving it kiting escape potential and easy F1 landing in stealth. And of course burn is such a broken mechanic. Yes, spammable, boring and annoying at the same time. It is fun for one who places the traps, not for one's foe who encounters with them. One of the easiest mechanics I have ever seen. I understand the feelings well. Is it thou? I would be bored out of my mind if my build would only allow me to place the traps and wait passively. I would say is unfun for the one who places the traps and extremely frustrating for the one who gets into them. Unfortunately people just want win, and win easy even more.If struggle in the leaderboard and you are "decent" you can soloQ to gold3 plat1 with ease playing burn dh.It takes no skills, strong against good players and punish as hell bad players, so why not?
  15. Where did the thief hurt you ? Most of you aint even soloing cus you lack the skill. You run in a group and get picked out and come to the forum to complain. You have Zero experience and didnt bother to take the time to duel the class that hurts you. Its on You,not the spec. Realize this. FYI when i ever had issues facing a certain spec or build i spend Hours dueling it and learning how to counter. If you aint up to that task,you shouldnt be complaining. And most people don't understand the counter profession/build system. If you are a power oneshot mesmer with 16k hp and you keep going against thieves and losing you cannot go cry on the forum how broken thief is because simply counters your profession and build. Same as thief going against sic'em rangers all day. You can't complain.
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