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  1. Ok I think there was some misunderstanding in my message so I will make an example: let's say you are in a open world map and you roam explore and find particular npcs that have line of dialogues...these npcs will have in their dialogue ''COMMANDER'' as a way of addressing you, but why? Why there is the need for that? For example...let's say you are doing meta in drizzlewood and the tribune phase is coming, why do they Have to say Commander? Can/t there just be a message that alerts you something is going on? Like you are part of the party that is doing the mission, or chooses to ignore it. It
  2. What makes you think everyone wants to be the ''commander'' in a mmorpg? Why are you doing this? I can accept this in the story since that I can skip but now I see more and more often this title everywhere. I talk with merchants npcs: COMMANDER. I talk with random npcs that have something to say: COMMANDER. And now what makes it worse while doing open world events MESSAGES come to you like in a story instance and tell you you are THE COMMANDER AND YOU GOT TO DO SOMETHING. And I'm sorry but it's breaking the game for me, cause I like roaming the world and immersing myself in it, feeling like I'
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