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  1. Hi Rin! We'd be happy to have you and help you navigate the game. I will shoot you a message ingame!
  2. So sorry for the delay in responding! I will shoot you a message ingame!
  3. Hey there. We have a few people looking to get a few more PvPers into our fold! I'll message you ingame and send you an invite. You can come check us out and see if we're a good fit for your needs!
  4. I will message you ingame and send you an invite. We'd love to have and I suspect you will be a good fit for us and vice versa!
  5. Hey, Ethan! I think we fit the bill on all of those things. I will say that at the moment, we are not doing any raid, strike mission training as most of our players tend to run in static groups. That said, we do have the resources and the player help available to sort of guide you through it all. We can even direct you to a few raid and strike missions Discord servers (I find that to be the best way to get through the training aspect of raids). As with everyone else, I think it's always best to just join the guild and see how you jive with the group. Hopefully, you are able to find some frien
  6. Hey, Ryn. We are cross-server although, we are based in Darkhaven. The only reason you might want to be on the same server is if you wanted to join us in our guild WvW on Wednesday evenings. Outside of that, we have players on most, if not all servers. In the same way we have players in all time zones but we do tend to peak during EST evenings so... 4 PM to about 10 PM. Mornings are typically more quiet but we definitely have folks who are more active in the day. I am about to login and am often afk so, I am going to send you an invite and you can come check us out, see if we are a good fit f
  7. We absolutely have a place for you in the guild and we can definitely help you through navigating the game! I'll send you a message in-game!
  8. Hey there! We do but it's pretty bare bones at the moment:http://www.shattereddarkness-dh.com/ I'll shoot you a message ingame and we can chat a bit!
  9. Hi there! I'll send you an ingame mail and we can chat!
  10. I see you both got invites! Welcome to the guild!
  11. Hey there! I'm so sorry Pandia and Finalphase, I've been lost for a day or two but I will send you a message ingame if you haven't already found your way into our fold!
  12. Hey Farrier,You sound like you would be a great fit for our OG casual guild. Click below to see our forum post. Shoot me a message ingame if you'd like to chat or join us! https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/110710/shattered-darkness-dark-na-pvx#latest
  13. DiscordiaMC.2385 , I will send you a message in-game. Sorry for the delayed response!
  14. We are still recruiting! No rep requirements! Totally laid back environment. Send us a message and let's chat!
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