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  1. nothing is wrong with that, i am saying those things can be put in game with a tab sort of like dota 2 where there are in game community guides instead of me having to google and find out which guide is the updated or more accurate
  2. At the point that i have to read a guide outside the game for my entertainment purposes. I am not studying for a job though.why not include links to them in game or have a tab to them like dota 2? Hearthstone and LoL also have quite comprehensive tutorials and everything else is intuitive due to good affordances
  3. I had to read a guide on where to jump for jumping puzzle because some of them aren't obvious like not so secret i think. Maybe i should include them in my post as well.
  4. They can do it like dota 2 where there are tabs in game for you to post your created guides , they created a new player guide recently which helped or they could advertise guides to the game in game like saying type /commands to see a list of commands and include links to guides in there like /wiki, /snowcrows,/fractals etc
  5. Bad at open world? people tell you to read a guide,watch a video, Bad at raid?people tell you to read a guide,watch a video, join a discord and train,play for 100+ hours before you are able to play with them Bad at dungeons and fractals?people tell you to read a guide, watch a video,join a discord and train or people just leave the group after saying you suck. Bad at WvW?people tell you to read a guide, watch a video. join a discord and train. Bad at pvp? people tell you to read a guide, watch a video, join a discord and train. Does getting killed over and over and ove
  6. They could tell people that strikes are raids and dungeons are fractals for sure, the mechanics are largely similar if you realise... And i don't really understand what you mean when you said mechanic take over the base ,name comes from player base, no one is using the missions part for short hand. Are you using google translate?
  7. I agree with most of what's being said, or it will most probably end up being too complicated for new players on end game content without guides. Quite a number of casual players don't like to read guides and like to discover things for themselves(remember when ANET posted a link to snowcrow on twitter and people bashed them for it?), if there's too many different things without a guide, it can be overwhelming.
  8. I agree, a content guide would be good or another way out would be just use standardized names like raids and dungeons, open world and story instead of diverging into many different names
  9. I agree with what you said and like what you have said, dungeons is a terms used universally in all MMOs. Instead of saying we "won't be updating dungeons anymore" which gives the impression to new players that the MMO is on life support like HotS where they said they stopped with esports scene, why not say fractals are the new dungeons we have made? For the latter, it doesn't tell the new player that their game is doing badly such that they need to reallocate resources for players who read up on news about games, which is a sizable portion these days.
  10. I already see the problem in this thread itself, you call it a map meta event, another person thinks its more similar to a raid. Now you look at the new players,what are they going to think? they don't know it but you expect them to try it without knowing what it is? It is also confusing to them. In some places like Singapore where the uncertainty index is higher they might try it, but in other parts of the world, i doubt so.
  11. I agree with what you said but the main part of a raid is the boss, you do know that right? In FFXIV, some raids also have very little trash mobs and heavily focused on the boss itself.
  12. For hardcore gamers who care about endgame those factors are important. For casual players who play from time to time and don't have much time to read up about end game,telling them strikes is an easier form of raids and give ascended gear as well will save them time and not skip easier content to skip to raids immediately THEN QUIT the game due to it being too HARD like criticnatic. For those who say criticnatic didn't quit the game because it was too hard,he quitted after raiding on vale guardian undergeared firstly. Secondly, EVEN IF he did not quit due to game being too h
  13. I agreed with what you said, fractals could also be named instanced dungeons for example but they didn't do that... strikes renamed to strike raids would at least make transition of players from other MMOs much easier since they can recognise that strike raids would then be a mode they can farm for end game gear(crystal for ascended) instead of another piece of content
  14. I get what you are saying and agree with the advantage. What stigma does raid have? elitist? well... you can always name strikes as easy raids you know because strikes are essentially still raids in disguise, boneskinner groups are asking for kp now so it is also kind of "elitist" You don't go back to a bakery if they tell you they only have juice when you ask for bread but they are obviously selling bread behind the store front, nor do you go back to a hardware shop that tell you they are selling software when they are selling hardware, new names can instill confusion in new players, esp
  15. I agree with all of what you all said, what i am trying to say is, since strikes are easy raids, why not name them as raids instead of strikes so it won't be confusing to new players? "breakthrough MMO World of Warcraft that first popularised the mode, in its 40-person incarnation" Even WoW name all their modes with different player requirements as raids, they don't name them as strikes or DRM.
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