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  1. Thanks all for the feedback. This was just a suggestion. <3
  2. There are new players everywhere. I am not sure where you are coming from when you say there are not any in the game right now. Not only do I see new players out in the world, but they come into my chat, and others chats to ask questions and get build suggestions. Its a real thing and I also make an effort to raid new players that are streaming just to give them a welcome to the game, and support them and help them feel like they are one of us. Yes I completely agree with the content creators bringing in new eyes. Especially youtube creators. It has a much larger discoverability and they can
  3. It depends on the streamer and yeah there are a good bit of negative/rude people, it kinda goes with any community. But in communities that I've been apart of or have seen they are super supportive, down to earth and I love coming into those chats. Like I said its dependent on how the streamer deals with things. Guild Wars 2 fostered a great community, and I don't think a few bad apples coming in will ruin that, I think more than likely new players will find something they like, and grow into the game like we all have :)
  4. I think there are ways to advertise this game that don't involve twitch that I'd prefer. You say they're doing nothing but it's not the case. I'm getting ads when I go to various sites. They even put up giant billboards in cities a year or two ago. But this game has really always worked on word of mouth. This is true word of mouth works, but thats like the soul of twitch :) I misspoke with that, didn't mean that they don't market, they just don't market on twitch. I think that may have gotten lost in my post though and I apologize. If they can find another way to market thats great, this was
  5. Exactly :) thank you for this and I agree completely. More eyeballs on the game is the end goal and getting gw2 up there on top categories will only help <3 Yes, YOUR end game goal is more views, and the more popular a game is your viewership goes up. YOU benefit more directly from that. Views don’t mean paying customers, and I guarantee the trickledown from viewer to paying customer is negligible. Meanwhile, the end goal of Anet and NC soft isn’t twitch eyeballs, it’s $$$ on their monthly financial reports. And that’s achieved by fixing the game, following through on years old words and
  6. Exactly :) thank you for this and I agree completely. More eyeballs on the game is the end goal and getting gw2 up there on top categories will only help <3
  7. I never said they don't market. I am referring to marketing on twitch. That is what this convo is about.
  8. Yes Ayinmaiden streams and I love her content. I also stream alongside her on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to do PVE content like raids, fractals, story content, infusion trains and alot more. We stream things as they come out. This is not about free loot. Im not sure how many times I have to repeat myself its about marketing. Yall still don't listen to what I have to say and still ignore it and keep throwing out the same arguments every single time I check on this thread. -Some marketing is better than no marketing -This isn't about free stuff to streamers its about get new people motiva
  9. Does this solve the issue of them ignoring content? You can't make content without money. Getting more devs hired because they make more money quite literally is the solution to bringing content back to PVP.
  10. Then you clearly do not understand the impact of content creators and streamers to a video game. No matter how old a game is, influencers and creators can breathe new life into things. Its a well known fact. Ignoring that and not doing anything "because the game is too old" is basically saying you'd rather give up on it than see it grow just because its no longer a new shiny. If you truly believe in this game you'd do anything for it.
  11. so tell me then, would you rather they do nothing on twitch? nothing for marketing? marketing means bringing people into the game. people lead to money spent on the game, money spent on the game leads to higher profits, higher profits means more money going into developing the game we all love, and hiring more people to make more content. content doesnt just grow on trees. again and i will continue to repeat myself, this isnt about the individual streamers, but about the collective that will generate more influx into gw2. these actions will lead to that. also the thought that twitch streamers
  12. Havent Mukluk done it quite awhile ? He has! I know of several partners who have streamed the game for a couple of years now, and plenty more who are not partners that also actively stream the game a lot.Yeah there are a ton of content creators who have been streaming awhile. alot of new ones too. i also think its silly to gatekeep, its like when someone on twitter says your opinion doesnt matter because you dont have a lot of followers. it doesnt make my opinion any less viable. trust us guys, there are content creators in here talking and trying to tell you, me included, that know that mar
  13. 'Exclusive' skins that exclude longtime loyal players will almost certainly be a slap in the face to those players.They already do this, giving away the "Ascended Aurene" T-shirt outfit via their own or partner streams.Is your face currently being slapped?I never said they never did, and im not talking about randomly throwing codes to streamers. Im talking about a concerted effort to market to those who have yet to play.
  14. Yes, it’s a massive market and GW2 ranks in the 200 viewership rank range. New players come and go all the time, with 10,000,000+ accounts created since launch, but with a fraction of that number for actual players and monthly concurrency numbers. The devs already do stuff on twitch and some marketing campaign with free stuff won’t make this game, that’s been around for almost 10 years, more popular. And the devs have given out a bunch of free stuff over the years already, so more free stuff won’t do jack for the bottom line. A more sound decision would have been to release xpacs more freque
  15. Twitch is a massive marketing tool that has a plethora of new customers to bring in. Content creators are also a huge way to bring those people in as they may have people watching them that dont play GW2. a common misconception of streamers is that people watch streams for the game, and while that is somewhat true, most people watch streamers for the streamer/content creator. I think the one thing that it may have gotten lost in the post is that this isn't all about loot drops, but just getting eyeballs to look towards the prime loot screen is a huge thing on twitch. everyone sees loot there,
  16. Any marketing in my opinion is good. Twitch is also a good marketing strategy because there are millions of untapped potential customers.Not being a fan of twitch is completely your opinion and will always respect that, but that doesn't mean that twitch marketing shouldn't exist for the people that do like twitch :)
  17. As a long time player myself, more skins would be amazing, especially exclusive ones with a twitch twist to it :)
  18. Hello all! This is aimed at the ArenaNet dev team, and marketing but would love feedback I really really believe you guys should have more of a presence on twitch, not only from a streaming perspective, but a marketing one. Guild Wars 2 would greatly benefit from loot drops, twitch prime loot, and activeness in random chats/bringing in more content creators. Let me go into detail:-The number one reason I start new games is by word of mouth, or I see it being played by other streamers.-Another reason is that if I get free loot from Twitch Prime, or twitch drops, I am inclined to redeem it. Thi
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