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  1. I can't believe this is STILL something that has not been addressed. I am playing through PoF and the story instances are ridiculously long, often fighting 3 or 4 mini bosses one after the other, taking half an hour or more. Yet if you have a power outage, internet DC, or even if you just take a wrong turn when riding along through an obstacle course and get kicked out of the instance, you have to do it all over again right from the start, including sitting passively through all the dialog that cannot be skipped. This is CRAZY considering they do save the progress in these instances for when y
  2. Just want to add to this. Incredibly frustrating, especially when the instances are so long. just played about 30 minutes defeating the 4 ruler things in PoF, after I had killed them all I accidentally clicked on guild hall and was taken out of the instance. Had to start from the beginning. Have also DCed a few times in long instances and had to replay the whole thing. Seems silly when there are checkpoints saved. Why make us play the same thing over again? Waste of time and makes me want to go play another game when this happens.
  3. Path of Fire now comes with Heart of Thorns for free. As such, all you would need if you want access to both expansions is 1 purchase of PoF to get started. Value wise it's a great deal. As alternative you could just start playing since the game has no subscription and you can still access all vanilla content. I'm a returning player too. Confused about expansions etc. I started playing on release, got a couple of characters in the 50s, and haven't played since a couple of months after release.Now I'm going to start from scratch with a Ranger just for fun to re-learn the game.What am I missing
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