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  1. We don't keep a waiting list, apart from maybe this thread...(which I'm abysmal at checking) Although we're full right now, we do humanely destroy kick people if they haven't logged into the game for four months or more...or if we don't much like the colour of their hair! So keep an eye on this thread if you're interested in Naked Thursdays joining us in the future...
  2. Hiya! I often play with a cat/keyboard interface, and take pride in my ability to click skills, sometimes even in the right order whilst facing the correct enemy! (but only if the cats help) Invite sent!
  3. I'm afraid the game is telling me 'There is no player using that name.' Weird. We'll try again when you're online... 🙂
  4. Although we have people on throughout most of the day, evenings is probably our busiest time - so no worries there! Don't worry about the social thing - although we ask people to be able to listen on Discord for some stuff (because our typing is really zxcbnoijf), you don't have to talk if you don't want to - also, everyone here is really nice...except me - I'm horrible. 😈 Invite sent - if your partner wants in as well, send me their name and I'll add 'em too!
  5. Surviving a Raid encounter? What is this dark sorcery you speak of? 🤯 Don't worry about your shift pattern - just hook up with us when you can! Invite on it's way!
  6. You'll only make us old folks uncomfortable if we trip over your umbilical cord! 😉 If you don't mind the smell of prunes and constant talk of 'how it was better in my day' then you're more than welcome! Invite on it's way!
  7. Shameless bump! Join The Claymore and the Compass and take your gameplay to the next level!* *Actually, if you join us your gameplay will probably take a few steps back, kick off its shoes and put its feet up while sipping a cup of tea. It might even have a biscuit, and perhaps a slice of cake. We're still committed to providing a drama free enviroment for mature gamers (30+) who really don't need to be shouted at by sweaty teenage keyboard warriors. Check out my other lies posts in this thread to see what we're all about - and remember, our only real rule is Naked Thursdays 'don't be a d*ck'! If any of this sounds doable, you can whisper or mail us in game (gobhoblin.7582, isenbras.4982, katharine.9815, viola.8027 or vvaarr.7958), message me here or reply in this thread!
  8. Yep, we completely get that work/life is a thing - so that will never be an issue. Invite sent - see you in there! 🙂
  9. Cool beans - there's a few of us here that have worn the t-shirt and eaten the happy meal back in the day. 😉 Invite on it's way! We're gonna call you Robert, though. 🙂
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