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  1. you can ask any questions here, or reach out in game. Is there any info in particular you are looking for?
  2. I bought shoes from a drug dealer once. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day.
  3. Hello! thanks for letting us know about the change! i sent an invite to Rae.5471
  4. so by having your actual GAME key be your account name it makes it easier for you to get hacked... i really suggest changing it. Its not really a display name as much as its your literal code to your game that only you should see. If you are online you can dm me and i can invite you that way but we would have to be online at the same time. 🙂
  5. Hi there! I tried to send an invite but unfortunately your account name is quite literally your game key. So i cannot invite you. You will need to submit a ticket with arenanet to get this fixed before i can invite you 🙂. This is a known bug. So sorry!
  6. Welcome to GW2! I've sent you an invite. you can find it by pressing "G" in game to open the guild panel 😄 Welcome back! We help lots of new and returning players learn all kinds of content 😄 Ive sent an invite!
  7. Hello! Welcome to GW2! 😄 We help lots of new and returning players learn all kinds of content! Welcome on in to TG! Welcome back to GW2 and Welcome to TG!
  8. invite sent! 😄 Welcome to TG ! you can find the invite in game by pressing "G" to bring up the guild panel
  9. We are on Stormbluff isle for wvw but you can absolutely join! I've sent an invite 😄
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