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  1. Lately, I've been taking some time off from the game, only checking back to once or twice a month to do some administrative work for my guild and play the festivals. Unfailingly, whenever I log in, there's an in-game mail or two waiting for me, which tend to be anywhere from a week to a month old. This puts me in an awkward position of having to apologize for my delay every time, so I figured I'd check back to see how the API development is progressing, as being able to access my in-game mail through the API would allow me to send out notifications and instantly check my received mail without
  2. I figured after a couple of months, I'd be able to play this instance without all the problems it experienced at launch, but it looks like nothing has changed. Checkpoints do not work. I know they exist because I've been given the option to skip parts of the instance before, but it seems they're mostly non-functional. Extremely annoying when you're trying to do the laser achievement and you have to do the whole initial part again every time you mess up.Joko still has issues spawning during the final fight. This seems to only happen after the phase with scarab walls starts and it seems random,
  3. So, basically, you're not addressing this nonsense, you're just giving us a vague promise that you'll try to do better in the future. Gee, thanks. As it stands, we have two choices: Either we gamble away on the somewhat-reasonably-priced licenses in the hopes that we might get a skin that we actually like for a mount that we actually use OR we're stuck paying absurd prices for the skins where we get to choose. Either way you expect us to give you thousands of gems for skins and somehow be satisfied with that. Let's have a look at those prices: If, on average, I have to pay about 2,000 gems for
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