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  1. Hi folks, One of my Guildmates got her Skiff today, and was trying it out, and discovered an interesting bug... Turns out she doesn't have a skiff, she has a submarine! Every single time she gets into it, it sinks! http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine01.jpg http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine02.jpg http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine03.jpg http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine04.jpg http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine05.jpg http://www.playthingofthegods.net/Submarine06.jpg http://
  2. Hi, Given that ziplines are an integral part of Cantha, and compulsory in some Strike Missions, can you please stop them from killing Necro pets? Every time I use one, the pets die and the skills go on cooldown, so I have to wait to summon them again. Extremely annoying. Please just make the pets stow while on the zipline, and then come back again when you get off, the same way they do when you mount and dismount. Thanks!
  3. Playing in our Guild's Custom Arena earlier on, we all got kicked out. Trying to go back in, we got an error saying "Permission Denied" First thing I checked was that we still had time left, and we did: 1 week, 6 days, 23 hours. Thought it might be a patch due, as that always kicks us out, but after waiting two hours no sign of one. I tried going into another Custom Arena, and that worked fine. So, I bought one token, and added another day of time to our Custom Arena, taking it up to: 2 weeks, 20 hours. Now we can all go i
  4. Hi folks, Now that's we're re-doing all the Living World story again, can we please Please PLEASE have an option to skip the endless jabbering on from the NPCs, and just get on with it. The original cutscenes with the "Skip to end" button were fine, but now that everything is just in the world you can't skip it, and they just won't shut the fruitbat up!!! I've gone and made a sandwich and come back, and they're still jabbering on, and the quest still hasn't advanced. Add to that the fact that it's a) often hard to position yourself to see all the
  5. Been a week and a half now, be nice if we could get a fix for this. I'd really like to be able to use my mounts, use various story quest items, or join in fights where I might get CC'd, without having to camp to the character screen and come back to fix my UI afterwards...
  6. Thanks to everyone who said it was linked to mounts, I've confirmed it's the same for me, every time I dismount I'm bugged. I tested my damage on the golem before and after the patch, just me, me with the arena buffs, and with my usual group. In all cases my DPS was up:- Just me : 12% DPS increase Arena buffs : 17% DPS increase Usual group : 11% DPS increase That was with the exact same gear and spec.
  7. Update: It's not just Dragon Response Missions, I've got it in the open world now too.
  8. Hi, There is a UI bug when playing a Scourge in a Dragon Response Mission... Picture of the bug Normally, there is a three-squares indicator of how many Sand Shades you have active, and the Lifeforce bar is yellow, running the whole length of the 1 to 5 area. However, in Dragon Response Missions, the Sand Shades indicator has vanished, and the Lifeforce bar is now green, and smaller, not quite running the width of the F1 to F5 area. Thanks, A Scourge who can't keep count of her Sand Shades in her head...
  9. Also, the instances seem to be tied to a specific character. When that character leaves, everyone else gets the "This instance is closing in 5 minutes" notification yet again. Please fix this: one map and one instance of the Guild Hall per Guild!
  10. The plot thickens... Last night we had a situation where we were split 5 / 3 across two instances. The five people in one instance could all see each other, interact etc. Two of the five had "This instance is closing in 5 minutes" notifications, while the other three didn't. So it seems even being in the same instance doesn't guarantee that everyone will get the "Instance Closing" message. The two with the message clicked it and joined the three in the second instance, giving us a 3 / 5 split. The other three left in the first instance had to leave the Guild Hall and come back in (one twice) b
  11. Some additional information:- After playing round with the Mumblelink data ( https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/API:MumbleLink ) we've noticed something. There are at least two distinct maps for the Gilded Hollow guild hall: Map IDs 1101 and 1121. These aren't separate instances of the same map, other maps we tried all had the same Map ID regardless of instance, for example Lion's Arch is always map 50. These are entirely separate maps. For the same place. This would explain why sometimes we get "This instance will close in 5 minutes" and can swap, and other times don't, but are still in separat
  12. Hi all, There's a very annoying bug in the game where people who are in the same Party or Squad travel somewhere together but end up in different instances. Very annoying, but fairly easily solved, by right-clicking one person and having everyone join them (most of the time, anyway, sometimes have to change who you join if that person turns out to be in a full map). However, this problem is far worse with Guild Halls. We only have eight active players currently, but trying to get all eight into a single instance of our Guild Hall is a massive pain. We'll get a few in, three or four tyically, a
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