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  1. Hello Enlil, sorry for the late reply, we are still looking for members if you are still interested in joining :)
  2. Hello!!Our normal times of play are around 8pm EST during the week and weekends are fairly active all day :)
  3. Arcane Dominion is looking for new active members whether they are new to the game, returning to the game or veterans. Who are the Arcane Dominion? We are a small PVE guild of 60+ members with the focus on creating a community based around PVE content. What can the Dominion Offer? Members of the Arcane Dominion have access to a number of perks at their disposal, including: -Level 20 Windswept Haven guild hall-Full functioning discord-Weekly guild events and challenges, and of course, guild missions-A monthly gold lotto-seasonal events and giveaways-Experienced members willing to help those who
  4. Daily Bump!! We are always looking for new active members to join our community, and we are looking for anyone interested in raids whether you have experience with them or not!!!
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