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  1. A couple things here. First, I doodled Sou, just because! Second, a Memory Seed... 🍃 One of a couple page ideas I had in the back of my head that I had to get out there. I'm so excited for the revamped Living Story 1, y'all!! I can't wait to relive patches when I have time with friends! It'll be so fun to take them through on their first time!
  2. July's been busy for me with one final convention I'm prepping for, and getting ready for a move! I'm hoping to get some pages for Where Life Goes in the next week, but for now, bringing back a bit of an oldie. I went fishing the other day after a bit of a break and still can't break this silly tendency, I guess! haha
  3. Where Life Goes didn't really take off until I made Eiarri, my Reaper Asura! All sorts of story ideas were coming to mind after my friend and I were sending each other in-character letters w/ food, gear, gifts, etc. just for fun! I thought about how she'd interact with my alts too, and a comic was born! I wish I had the energy to draw her with more color or a fun pose for the birthday, but recovering from a sick bug ;;
  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I'll keep doing my best to update when I can! I actually decided on scrapping the publish date after much consideration about fanproject comics in general. The next set of pages are live! Where Life Goes has also updated on Tapas!
  5. Hello and welcome! Here's the story of my commander, Soumeiyn, journeying from the nightmarish depths of the Maguuma jungle; forward to the endless sands of the Crystal Desert, and perhaps even further still, what lies beyond the seas of the Unending Ocean. Followed by a colorful cast (because I certainly don't have too many alts enjoying this game, no!), Where Life Goes, so too should Soumeiyn, through trials and victories, for Tyria's future, and his own! (Pending) Prologue - On the Brink 1.1 - The Call 1.2 - Who to Trust 1.3 .. TBD --A Memory Seed (001)
  6. I'm so happy the puppy finally came back. <3 I still miss my old girl so much that it was a little emotional to see in the gemstore, but this will be a nice little companion with me ingame always. Thanks, Anet <33 Me and the Pup!
  7. Thank you for the reply! Oops on the title there, accidental name swap in another game! haha, yes, mini pets. That would make a lot of sense to hide seasonal items/minis when they can't be obtained either in events or the gem store presently. I'll hope it comes in the next few weeks during the holiday; it has every year since its release, at least! Thank you! ^^
  8. Hi, I did my best to look for a solution before reaching out here, but minions to preview in the wardrobe seem to be disappearing? Specifically, I was looking for the Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy - https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Lucky_Lantern_Puppyafter I saw folks running around with the little cutie, and checked the wardrobe to see how it might be obtained. It straight up doesn't exist to even preview for locked skins unless I copy paste in its code from the wiki. Is this pup gone forever? I was hoping I could get it, even in the Gem Store, in memory of my late Labrador that passed away
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