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  1. The wording is confusing: I would have expected going by the way the mastery lock screen is worded that any free account that purchased EoD (given we're given certain things in advance, ie extra character slots, better access to the trading post, etc) would also unlock core masteries which allegedly require any expansion. It's really not like your example at all: any expansion is supposed to unlock certain things, and it's almost certainly an oversight that everything else is unlocked regardless of what expansion you buy, except if you pre-purchase EoD the one thing that is locked is Core Mast
  2. I upgraded my "alt" account with End of Dragons, mostly to access masteries. However, I still cannot use them: the same message that you see on a free/unpaid account that masteries are locked and that you must "upgrade your account with a Guild Wars 2 expansion to access masteries" remains. Does anyone know how to fix this? If I've purchased an expansion, shouldn't my account now be a paid account and be able to unlock masteries?
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