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  1. i personally cant just play one profession or even just 3, so in most mmos i try to make every class they have, in guild wars 4 out of the 9 profession in my opinion can be easily played by anyone which are warrior, ranger. necromancer and guardian, with guardian begin in the middle of beginner and intermediate, then you have engineer and revenant who are not difficult but do need more time and master, then the 3 difficult ones and in the order i think they are hard to hardiest is mesmer, elementalist then thief, so i you would pick a main to learn it to the core it is gotta be one of those 3
  2. أبغا ادخل جماعة عربية تكون كبيرة و معاهم دبيسكورد i am looking for an active arabian guild with discord server
  3. No there is not really a criteria here it is just what first come to my mind when i tried each of those elite spec, and after reviewing each race culture.
  4. I want to make a character for each elite spec so far i made list and these are the best races in my opinion for each elite spec, would like to hear more from you guys and what might you want to change. berserker: norn spellbreaker: human dragon hunter: norn firebrand: human herald: norn renegade: charr soulbeast: sylvari or norn druid: sylvari daredevil: human or sylvari deadeye: human or charr scrapper: charr or asura holosmith: charr or asura reaper: human scourge: human or asura tempest: human or norn weaver: human chronomencer: human mirage: human o
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