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  1. Hey Guild Wars Community! Now that the release of the third generation of legendary weapons draws nearer, I wanted to ask: What are your five most liked legendary weapons so far? And to make it even more interesting: What are your five most disliked weapons from generation one and two? If you want, you can also add extra information and elaborate on why you like or dislike a certain legendary. Or if you only really like/dislike two or three, then just post those! So here is my list! My five most liked legendary weapons (in descending order): 1. The Flameseeke
  2. The title pretty much says it all. It would be so awesome, if we were able to "lock" the appearance of Eternity to either "day mode" or "night mode"! I know that the swapping of the greatswords appearance depending on the time of day is a core feature of this legendary, but it never hurts to give the players more options to create great looking fashion designs does it not? The people who want their Eternity to continue to swap betwenn day and night could just leave it so and all others could pick the appearance they want to stay. Why do I want this for the community? Well, e.g. right now
  3. Thank you for your answer! I was under the impression that one would only get a Memory of Sunrise/Twilight, if one crafted them before the launch of the armory. I did not know that you apparently still get them when binding newly crafted Sunrise/Twilight. Well in that case I am gonna craft Twilight, bind it and then craft Eternity with the Memories! 2 more greatswords for the cost of just 1 sounds awesome 😄 Again, thank you!
  4. Hi folks, I have 2 questions about crafting Eternity. I did not find any other information on these specific questions here or per Google. But if this has indeed already been answered pls forgive me ^^ Question number 1: I currently have an account bound Sunrise (because I crafted it years ago) and therefore also have a Memory of Sunrise. If I craft Twilight now and combine the Twilight with my Memory of Sunrise, will I be able to craft Eternity with that combination of items? Because everywhere I look, the recipe for Eternity always either only mentions combining the 2 “real” Greatsword
  5. First some examples of the aforementioned "3D" effect, which is only visible on LOW shaders: And the following is a sample image of how the skin looks with shaders on medium or high.Note the complete absence of the "3D" effect.
  6. Hello GW2-devs and community,I want to report a gem store skin, which is probably buggy. There seems to be a bug with the “Aurene’s Prismatic Raptor” skin. This skin has a really beautiful “3D” effect. By that I mean the rainbow colored reflections of the player riding the raptor, which trail behind the player, when he is riding the raptor in a straight line with this skin equipped. The problem/bug is that this effect is ONLY visible when the player sets the “shaders” option to low.At medium or high, this effect does not occur at all, although a higher shader setting should display this beaut
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