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  1. Hi GW2 community! I'd like to share with you the video I created to honor the story of our relationship with Aurene, who will no longer be involved in GW2's story until, perhaps when Gw2 comes to an end, will come back after her rest and we will meet her again. I chose a beautiful song by Japanese Wagakki Band that goes perfectly with the video and transitions. I hope you will enjoy it, take care and see you all in Tyria ❤️
  2. For some it's depressing I guess... 😄 There are so many people involved in the soundtrack, like never before in GW2 - many composers, many artists from Korea, even solo singers. It is a wonderful and exciting thing for me to see how much work and heart has been poured into this OST. Some people will not like it, but I think personally, that you owe respect and some good words, because this soundtrack is many, many months of work, involving various artists that really worked incredibly hard to make those beautiful tracks. Korean folklore + modern orchestration with synth isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is truly original to combine so many elements, and I think they succeeded. But... everyone's preferences are different, and I respect that. 🙂
  3. Sometimes conposers with limited resources would use samples. You can hear that in Gwen's Theme in Prophecies for example. There is a flute part, but you can't hear a break between few notes, so a flutist could take a short breath, instead it's compacted. Same with Ashford Abbey, Kurzick Theme, Unwaking Waters, Gwen's Theme in EotN Soundtrack.
  4. Season 2 OST was orchestrated live for sure. Then Path of Fire also has live choir and flute player that plays I think Duduk in Sanctuary of Truth track. About GW1... I think Jeremy had limited resources to compose truly live music, I don't really hear ever for example flutist's breathing during flute part in any of GW1 tracks. So that's basically one of the ways you can recognize something was played live, or just made in a very good composing program. I think Jeremy's compositions were composed using a composing program. That's also why you never had a song in GW1 or live vocals, just some orchestral vocal melodies resembling live performance. It changed with GW2, because Jeremy had very big resources to go crazy with music and live orchestration, that's how Fear not this Night could become real 😊
  5. Here is a full post on Reddit, I made. I noticed that two artists on the list are singers, I'm not entire sure about Emily Schultz (when I searched 'Emily Schultz music' Canadian singer pops up, but I don't see confirmations she might be involved in EoD's soundtrack somehow), but SOl is a singer from Korea, and is listed as a contributor too. She sings in a more traditional vocal technique and has a beautiful voice too 🙂
  6. A quick update on the trailer's music. I got a response from Bryan:
  7. I'll reach out to Bryan in few days, unless he uploads this track on his official page. 🙂
  8. Hi, I thought I would share the DEMO soundtrack of the incoming expansion. I tried to combine all the music that have been released so far with an addition of smooth transitions in between, so it's pleasant to listen to, without breaks: If you prefer to listen to each track separately, I also created a playlist: Which one is your personal favourite among these 13 tracks? 🙂
  9. I think there will be some reveals this month on the 9th Anniversary stream.
  10. It simply means raids don't concern most of the players, but story and open world exploration do. So raids don't generate money.
  11. I'd rather hope they would work on easy mode for every raid, rather than creating new. this would certainly attract new players to join raids and experience their amazing story.
  12. I hope the community will be given all the reasons to be sure that GW2 may be reborn, as Teapot hopes too. Everyone does wish GW2 the best, hope they deliver.
  13. You will be able to re-watch it anytime 😄 and there will be many posts on Reddit and Forums that day, and possibly a lengthy blog post on GW2's official site. 🙂
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