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  1. Yea I see that and very affordable as well. That third stat on exotics is pretty big too so I see that as well. Yea I plan to hold onto them but I don't think using 14 of them to make my ranger 80 and using 30 for my thief will break me. I mean I have 158 last I looked, and I like both professions quite alot so its investment post 80.
  2. Ok thank you for the link, so the wiki is little confusing, if I use a ToK on a already 80 character I will get spirit shards is how i take it? Also once 80 you still gain experience and gain levels of some kind is that why I see some people running around with a 280 or 300 beside their name? Thanks
  3. Actually never really thought of it that way because I still get scaled down to whatever map I haven't completed. I may just do that thank you. Anyone else like to add a opinion on whether to use my tomes up on first character if I am at 66 already? To the others, thank you for the links, I will check them out for crafting!
  4. Ok its funny you mention story rewards, I haven't even started the story for either my Thief or Ranger. I should start doing that perhaps lol. All I have been doing is maps to 100% completion. I haven't even done any of the dungeons either as well. Good to know I can do without Exotics till 80 though. I really need to start crafting as well. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Wanted to ask the veterans here some questions regarding gearing. I bounce around between a Ranger, Mesmer and Thief and currently my Thief and Ranger I play the most. Ranger being level 66 and Thief being 50. I have 158 Tomes of Knowledge in bank from loggin in alot over the years but not playing either. I don't want to use my ToN up on my first character. Want to level up right the first time. My problem is this though, when I hit 63 on Ranger I got a message I can use Exotics so the obvious place I went to first to look for gear and weapons was TP. The gear is level 66 and people have the weapons listed for 2 to 4 gold upwards to 16 gold. Now for a new player such as myself that is finally putting time into the game for once I obviously don't have gold for pre-80 gear so what is my solutions? Do I stop where I am in leveling and go start crafting and if yes where do I start? What craft? It seems like I would have to buy a lot of mats to get to the gearing part of where I am on my characters. One solution is I do see other gear on the TP that is more affordable, Rares that are way more affordable, is buying rares from TP a more viable option till level 80? Because once I get to 80 I am just replacing this gear with what Exotics again? I am not even sure where to begin to go for gear once I am 80. I don't buy Karma gear either when finishing a heart because I felt like gear on TP was cheap enough every 10 levels rather than spending 3 to 4 hundred karma for one piece of gear. I play on Northern Shiverpeaks server if that means anything, but from what I understand it doesn't matter because game pulls gear and sells on TP from all regions? I got invited to a guild other day but nobody talks or communicates much on it but I don't ever usually ask for gear to be made or anything. Any advice from the community on how I should gear post 63 would be greatly appreciated. Sinfury.2095
  6. Ok so the ones that are on the gem store now are good starter tools then? Also I didn't know about glyphs. Can the tools that are on the gem store have glyphs put on them or not? I understand everything else about the shared tab etc. Also I have the copper fed one atm. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, so really quick just wanted to ask I think there is some unlimited or unbreakable harvesting tools on the gem store that I wanted to buy so I don't have to keep buying new ones while out in the maps and wondered if these were good value or is there other tools the gem store has that I should wait on? I have gems to spend on the store and wanted QoL stuff from there and wanted to make sure these tools were good for a low level account? I only want to spend money on things in gem store that is solid buys not skins or fluff stuff. Also is the silver fed machine thing good buy or should I wait till I am higher level for that? Already have the Copper fed one. Thank you kindly.
  8. I tried that but all it does is make the box bigger not the font of the text which is what I am after.
  9. Hey all, as the title says I need help with UI scaling. I have the chat font on gear icon just above chat set to Large and I went into options where it has the Graphic options/ interface size set to larger and its STILL not big enough for chat font. Its hard for me to see what is being said in chat. Is there some way to increase it further without changing my resolution? Playing around with the resolution doesn't seem to help either. Is there a way in the game files to change the font to being bigger? This isn't a problem for the here and now, I mean it does not affect my gameplay but the longer I play the bigger the issue will be for me. I am a older gamer and my eyes are failing me. Thank you!
  10. Sinfury.2095 and character name I will be playing is Mystique Devlin. Yes NA. So everyone on all servers NA are playing on one big server except when its WvW then its N Shiverpeaks against whoever? Ty
  11. Hello everyone, I had some questions regarding the game. I have been gone for over 10 years and never really got far when I did play but now I want to give this game a real shot and make it my home mmo especially since LA is not what I thought it was. Very boring game LA is compared to GW2. Questions below.... 1. I have all my characters on Northern Shiverpeak server and know nothing about the server. How does this server rate against other servers? What is the general culture here? I noticed the game gives me the option to change servers or transfer. Just to be clear the type of player I am is mostly PvE and some pvp as well. I really want to try out pvp in this game. I am not hardcore on the raiding scene of things. Is there a recommended server for newer players or should I just stay here on N. Shiverpeaks? Can anyone recommend me a server or a guild on a server or maybe just here on Northern SP that would take a new player in? 2. I have dabbled here and there with classes in the past but nothing current. I like to play range classes with a mix of melee, but I mostly solo and like to do as much of the content possible on my own for my play time varies too much to commit to grouping or raiding. I am not saying I can't at all its just solo works for me better. That being said is there some recommended professions that will allow me to solo very effectively? Now I love the mesmer when I played but its only level 32. I also made a Human Engineer prof last night but haven't started it yet. I really like to challenge myself to solo tough mobs and content so what professions will allow me to do that? Keep in mind I have no characters above level 32 so I haven't a cl;ue about Elite specs on any professions. 3. I read that you need to be 80 to get mounts and I have a character boosts from the expansions I bought prior years and I am up to date with EoD, (have all expansions) BUT I really really don't want to use a character boost and get to 80 to get just a mount but a guy last night explained to me in game to do just that and do the questline in one of the expacs (can't remember which one he said to do) and get the mount because its account wide then play a charater I want to level up from there. Is this a highly recommended idea from the general community to do? Or should I just do grit through the leveling process to 80? I don't want NOT having a mount be a frustrating endeavor that causes me to quit because I chose to level without one. Thoughts? 4. I like to grind mobs, make gold and get good gear and have the feeling of progression but I feel like too many mmos have this you have to raid or do the hardest content to be successful. Can a mostly solo player get very far in GW2 and get good gear or near top level gear and be successful? I don't want to treat this game as a single player game. Far from it, actually I want to be more social here than in the past. I just can't commit to a 3 day a week 2 to 4 hours per night endeavor is all I am saying. 5. Is there mods for this game that make the UI better or is that not a thing here? I am older gamer and my eyes are failing me and the large font on chat is not big enough is one reason I am asking. This is all the questions I have for now. Thank you for any advice!
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