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  1. -Push Still looking for mentors who wanna participate on EU. I also have set up a discord server for anyone who uses it. https://discord.gg/FqC94j3Aha
  2. Any help is appreciated! As of now any member of the guild has the right to invite people, as I dont see any reason why it would'nt be that way. One person already came to my aid, I'll ask him and possible future mentors if I can share their Accountname here. I'll add the name and my timezone in the post, thanks!
  3. Greetins fellow Tyrians recently I started a little project on EU Servers to help new, returning or unexperienced players on their way through the game. I've done this for a longer time now by opening up a group in the mentoring section of the lfg, but I thought I'd try out something a little bit bigger. Thus I created the guild "Mentors Waypoint" in an effort to create a little Wiki like InGame Hub for players to get answers to their questions. It's not necessarily meant as a guild for socializing or doing events / other activities together, but rather just a place where players can
  4. You are right in thinking the LFG is a very unintuitive tool for new players. At least I would think so. Nonetheless do a lot of people join into mine. Spamming in map chat just isn't my thing to be honest, but reason I did make this guild now is maybe one day become a reffered-to place if people ask for help, and so becoming a kinda intuitive way for new players. Also there arent really any other ways, and not all people will straight away go to forums/reddit etc for information, so I want to keep it as much InGame as possible. On the "Joing groups to help with Achievments" Th
  5. Greetings I've been playing this game for a long time now and for the majority of the time the community has been great. So great that I try to give back to it whenever I can. That's why I often open up a group in the Mentoring LFG to try and help out newer, unexperienced or returning players. It has been well visited and my followers list grew quite a lot over the time I've been doing this. Lately I've been thinking about going a bit further with it and creating a little community where players with questions could have a place where there could ask them and get profound help fr
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