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  1. Hello, It's me again. Another patch is out, come check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD4G17zRhJ4
  2. HI guys, there is an updated version of this addon Check the video here: https://youtu.be/QrtVqIYd9Rc
  3. Hey everyone! I'm working on an integration for Razer Chroma hardware. It's at very early stage so don't expect much for now. If you're interested you can watch and download it here: https://youtu.be/XdJcCnJl4Dg
  4. I've no idea what fixed it, but it's done now. I didn't do any task or find any PoI, nothing, just moved around, logout/login. i've got 100% world completion and the achievement. Thanks to everyone who tried to help!
  5. Ya, I've searched each zone point by point, task by task. and I've created the character at August 2021 so nothing added after that.
  6. Thanks for the answers but I still didn't find them I've seen those guides, maybe there is a PoI in Claw Island. I've changed the option to "hide events and personal story" and it's not showing where to go, no portal. it's the first time, what "there is also a set of AP entries for completing everything" means? one more thing, when I'm at the character select screen, in the bottom left corner it says 100% complete but in game it's still 99%
  7. drytop and silverwaste are part of Maguuma, world completion is only in Kryta. I have checked the interactive map, every Kryta section is 100%. maybe something in pvp maps or some instance somewhere?
  8. Hey everyone. I'm trying to get 100% world compleltion from 99% but I'm missing: one task (302/303) two waypoints (484/486) one point of interest (652/653) and two hero challenges (187/189) Its a new character from august 2021 so no missing tasks. I have hovered over all of the map's sections and they are all 100%. I have been to the Sanctum of secrets point of interest. I'ts crazy, where are they hiding?
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