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  1. So, just recapping from my earlier post: for those who have issues and none of the other solutions work: make a shortcut of your gw2-64.exe on the desktop, right click -> properties ->Run : select "maximised". Game starts normaly, not in windowed mode in my case -> play as nothing would have happened. Did it succesfully a few time now.
  2. Lol...well now i tried to maximised...works 😄 i guess i have to change the mode every time 😄
  3. Update: as the client kicked me out when i logged here on my phone to tell u guys the news...well...when i relogged...not working anymore 😞
  4. Hey i tried all listed solutions, none worked. Then i just made a copy of the exe file to desktop, right click - properties, and changed run to "minimazed". Game started normaly (and not in windowed)...hope this might be a solution for some of ya'll
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