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  1. Geee you guys still responding and replying here huh, I ditched this game long ago, I have better games to play than this economic disaster. I just noticed it with my email nofitications are on and emails are pending in my inbox lol,
  2. Thats the whole problem I'm having since long time, map events are cannot be done solo and there is no LFG system for it, every single time I enter a map and wander around a bit , I see literally no one doing together map reward events, I was just recently noticed 35 ascolan dungeon increase of popularity yesterday but that was in certain hours comes in a night time in my region so cannot do, I do love doing salvage, I do WANT to love salvage, sadly in my case 25silver is too much for getting a master salvage from vendor and salvaging everything usually results in tons of luck whic
  3. Can I farm any types of material just by doing defeating mobs on regions? Level sync or any systems like that in game prevents me farming? It seems like all I get is junk items, I noticed gw2 wiki indicates plenty of mats can be gained from defeating mobs, I saw "dropped by" list but I never seem to get higher amounts of any materials, I literally cannot farm on level 80 areas due to my character seems underpowered even with a set of rare armour and weapon and yes she is level 80 with abilities unlocked, its just takes too long to defeat a single mob, I dunno whats wrong with that,
  4. I recently noticed some increase of usage and LFG for dungeons, especially 30-35 level one with both story and exploration, I started to farm some easy peasy silver by doing that all day long since it is somewhat hard to keep up in game economy in this game that or I have to own expansions farm properly, either way, I'm farming Ascalon dungeon now and it grants me 25silver and a bonus 50silver as "event completed" I do not know if this is a permanent reward (god I hope so) but it is the most casual friendly way to farm silver I found so far. My question is: am I doing it in a corre
  5. Are we going to get ANY news about Steam release anytime soon? I do want to buy the expansions via Steam store because that's the only way I can get it, plus it is easy that way, I know it going to need of creation of a new account or use Steam directly basically new game so I don't mind, just release it soon please, it is been months, Thank you
  6. How I'm supposed to get materials if there is no one on that map? How I can find group for this? I'm talking about materials above the map names, not world map completion. it is impossible to solo because takes too much time and extremely boring, plus my armour is a toast they always hit hard, and I have no idea when the events start in which location, I heard doing events on that map grants those materials but in a long time, are they worth to do at all? or its just a abandoned game system no one care about?
  7. Thank you all, lots of options here as you mentioned, I will try one by one, thanks again for detailed replies,
  8. Hi, I know there is like many videos on youtube resource about this, but I do want to hear your ways, methods and how you spend your time in GW2 about farming gold in base game, are you doing anything specific? are you doing stuff only in two expansions or you can also farm gold or silver in base game too? I'm looking for stuff or methods that I may be have missed or dont know about yet, and youtube videos explains only so much, so perhaps can you give me tips and tricks? I bookmarked gw2wiki onto my browser and constantly looking things, especially mats. There is also other thing I want to l
  9. Is there a reason that why I did not get a instant level 30 booster item with my character birthday? Did they nerfed this too?
  10. GW2 used to buy to play as you may already know, I purchased this game in that period, so can I apply the product code for two expansions to that account? or the expansion codes are only for new accounts? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I burned alot in world of warcraft due to this reason. Certain product codes can apply to certain accounts? is this valid for GW2 too? (it seems I finally found a seller) thank you
  11. Oh okay, I'm so sorry to not use google, because I thought people here might have better answers than auto posted results in google made in random times, you take care now!
  12. Hi, is there any way to get mount without buying any of the expansions? Payment methods are not supported in my region so my only option is getting them in game I guess thank you
  13. Where is the door for strike missions, can commander teleport me into the place to start? or do I have to manually find the door? if so where is it? It seems I'm unable to find a reliable tutorial for this, thank you
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