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  1. W5 onwards shows more difficulty than W1-4 in general. Plus, Dhuum it's a final boss, it's somehow normal that failing certain things ends up in wipe, same happens with Sabetha, Matthias, Xera, or Deimos, if you do certain fails it ends up snowballing.
  2. Until nerf, the new specs will always deal more damage/do much better than the old ones, weavers literally melted bosses when they where released, same for some other classes of PoF, some where released so OP that instead of asking for dps, people asked for those clases in specific.
  3. On VG do greens, because if you skip that mechanic people doesn't learn how the fight works, same for Gorseval with the updrafts, people won't learn anything due to not doing those mechs. It sounds absurd right? Well, saying that people won't learn anything due to the use of ranged strat instead of melee it's equally absurd. Enjoy the day.
  4. I meant having the tank dead and therefore, Deimos targetting me as the tank instead, not that i started tanking it cause yolo. And what I meant when I said "that you need a bit of brain" is basically saying "Ok, now instead of having the blacks in front of me, i'll have them under me." It's not that going from one strat to the other one changes the entire fight (aside of the dps). My question was, if you know that tank, HK and BK know how to do their job (I started doing BK because people didn't know how to do it and remained literally next to the tank), why expose the
  5. I've been doing ranged strat since it was made, and i've been able not only to do the melee strat, but to start tanking the boss at half fight without any issues. The only thing you need to do when moving from ranged to melee is put a bit of brain to the fight.
  6. TBH if they wanted to do a steping stone for the raids, the only thing they had to do was that, remove the timer. You have the "Easy" version, that has no timer, allowing the players to learn at their own pace, and that gives another type of reward, i don't know, instead of "Vale Guardian Piece" give "Vale Guardian Small Piece" (something simple, not gonna burn my head of with the names now) and reduced % of rewards, if you have a 30% chance of an ascended/mini on the current difficulty (the only one we have rn), on easy you maybe have 10-15%, the "Normal" mode, that basically it's what we h
  7. The strikes itself are supposed to be by default an "easier" version of the raids, being as challenging but without asking the amount of training it needs a raid boss, and the first 3, unless you add the CM, are a pure tramit, as long as the healers know how to do their job, the rest is go full unga-bunga. Also, it depends on how you make the CM, Ankka for example, it does not get harder because of more mechs or something like that, it gets harder due to the boss bombarding you with constant AoE. I don't know, make her open rifts that you need to close so she doesn't summon minions, mech that'
  8. Yeah, IIRC 2 of the 5-6 who comented. And also, the thread was not about which one was better, was about why forcing a strat that basically means permawipe on the newbies when you can show them the entire fight from a certain safety and, after they know how to take down deimos without screwing up, them move to a harder strat (melee). Then someone started defending the metabible like the knight in shining armor he is like what I was saying was a nonsense. Not like i'm speaking from the experience of being here when that strat was born because it was literally the only way pugs had a chance to t
  9. Let's just end the discussion here between us two, because the only thing we agree is that we disagree. I personally find easier to teach how Deimos works using the ranged, that it's slower but safet and then, once the squad is adapted to the battle and how this one works, move to a harder strat.
  10. For now the only strike that i've seen that, all by itself can equal a raid battle it's the Harvest Temple, the other strikes or are either extremely easy or to represent a real challenge you have to activate the CM because the normal battle doesn't give much fight.
  11. Anything can distract you, it's always better preventing than healing, if you have someone near the tank you know for sure where the black is gonna spawn. Without it maybe due to particles/areas and characters screaming you don't see the orange zone/hear it spawn and in 2 secs you have America raiding the combat area due to how much oil it has.
  12. You know that with melee you need a BK as well no? Not having it close to the tank is basically asking for failure because as soon as someone gets distracted or has low reflexes it's wipe 99% of the time due to the black spawning in the middle of the squad.
  13. It is, it allows you to see the whole fight (and probably get a kill) to learn first hand what the boss does and how to counter most of it, for example that not ccing 3rd Saul fast enough can get you into a black or that the real saul on the division is the one with the different staff, it allows you to secure a kill with enough safety, giving you more security when it comes to go and get the tears... Yeah, you won't do it as fast as with the other strat, but the objective of the raids it's not to take down the bosses fast, it's to take down the bosses, and if you can do it with 1 try usi
  14. As someone said, the only mech they need to learn is to not touch the oil, you only need someone on the next pixel of the tank and that gets done unless someone decides by it's own will to step on it, because the rest they have to do it indiferently of the strat being melee or ranged, as long as they remain on the back of the boss rather than over him, the blacks can't be triggered unless the tank and the BK get distracted. And remaining at the back of the boss it's something you learn on the previous ~12 bosses (10 if we do not count escort and trio)
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