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  1. I sort of agree with you LSD and that is why I am making these suggestions to enhance its appeal. I love going in super clear water that has a lot of depth to it. There are some regions (Timberline Falls, Gendarran Fields and Caledon Forest that have pretty cool swimming holes. There are also some cave diving areas (Gendarran Fields has a COOL cave diving puzzle) in the former two of those maps that might light your pilot light with respect to diving. Anyhow, I hope you change your mind :-).
  2. One thing I've always missed (because I do dive) about using underwater breathers in GW2 is the almost mechanical rhythmic inhale and exhale sound you get when you dive for real. It is very hard to describe why it is so appealing. Maybe it is the audio cue that is the literal thread to you and your lifeline. Maybe I'm asking for too much but the respiration sounds underwater make the dive an adventure like no other. To take that thought to its inevitable conclusion, the "thunk" you hear when your air is exhaused , and being underwater when this happens can be an indescribable terror. A well p
  3. I do a little underwater cave diving (in Texas) which is not for the claustriphobic. I would LOVE to see Guild Wars install vast underwater caves, the kind you get lost in , in real life, and can easily drown. Reality features like labyrinths which are easy to get lost in (sort of like a jumping puzzle but for underwater adventures). YouTube is replete with cave diving video's which can easily demonstrate the potential fun, mystery and danger of such activities. Imagine barely squeazing between two rock outcroppings which easily disorient you IRL, especially when your fins kick up silt that
  4. tl;dr I get the vibe that the game developers were in a meeting and after long laborious and contentious debates said "f*ck it, let's just make them (GW2 Players) redo what they've already done and toss in some tedious JPs to boot. This way, we don't have to do any more work but they do......its win-meh"
  5. Arena Net would be doing its clientelle yet another huge favor if it finds a way to equitably (win-win for Anet and the Gamer) recycle all of the ascended gear that the Legendary Armory will no doubt generate. They already have won the hearts and minds of many of its players with the advent of the armory. Maybe a Mystic Forge game of chance could be a way to salvage un-needed ascended ware ? How cool would it be to put 4 pieces of old ascended armor in the Forge only to create a precursor ? You say precursors are passe' ? Then what about making ascended gear re-sellable ? I'm just trying to b
  6. My Dragonhunter has a value of ZERO for his "Dragonhunter" Attributes. How do you increase this value (Virtue Recharge Rate) ?
  7. It would be of great service to some , to be able to reallocate Mastery Points to Masteries of any particular Living World Game edition. My understanding of the mechanics of the game sometimes falls behind my physical progress and this has caused me problems in Icebrood Saga for example. Reallocation is already a reality in WvW and after a few small adjustments, problems are usually ironed out and play can progress normally. I thank you for your consideration. :-)
  8. If you in a party and are doing SHOOTING STARS in Champ Mode (for example) and one participant fails but another succeeds in not getting knocked down by meteors, does he still get the Mastery Point or is the party penalized ?
  9. I think I found what i'm looking for in GW2 Efficiency. Under the sub heading "Achievements" , they list out all achievements and your current progress. Thanks for the Zen that compelled me to find this :-).
  10. Is there a device (GW2 Efficiency ?) that will help bring to the forefront those achievements that you are close to finishing but aren't aware of it due to one obscurity or another ? The overwhelming number of achievements available make it a daunting task to comb through and identify which ones need attention the most. Im currently browsing GW2 Efficiency looking for just such an application. Thank you so much Friends :-) !
  11. I just want to add my name to the list of those who want this to be use-able 24/7 and not just today !
  12. I get so much more out of having outfits that come in six pieces rather than just one. Experimenting with dye combinations is a satisfying part of the game for me. I believe Anet used to sell armor sets with 6X (X for subunit dye slots / typically 4) dye-able slots from the Black Lion Trading Post ? I have a Trickster Oufit (I think I paid 800 Gems for it) that came in six pieces which has a total of 26 separate dye slots. There's a lot of things you can do with that kind of color potential.
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