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  1. Okay guys, I think you gave the answers to my questions, it was like I expected, like already mentioned its only useful for skins/research notes beside that its totally useless, it's a shame however, would like to see some shift on this, but most likely it won't happen. Thanks all!
  2. Yeah right, that's what I mean, so the only point on this gear is for skins/research notes? Thats bad, I hope this could change, make leveling harder and maybe make use of crafted gear below 80.... Any thoughts or better ideas? Leveling is too fast, all that gear is useless at this point =/ Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone, I would like to know if it's just me, or crafting equipment/weapons/jewelery for lvl under 80 is just useless? It feels like all that equipment is available to use in game, but I think its not being used at all, since I assume (maybe wrong?) every player just lvl up till 80 and then get exotic/ascended gear. Does anyone really use crafted gear on the levels till 80? Or you just keep using whatever better stats u get from quests and so on? I love crafting, and maybe its just me, but I feel like it could have a bigger purpose, does it
  4. Hey there! I haven't played the game since the start or so like many players out there, I started playing more active 546 days ago. And had the opportunity to buy all the expansions and all living world episodes, only today I got the chance to complete Icebrood Saga. And I am speechless with the quality of this game, it gets better and better, I bought the EoD on pre-order because I wanna play it (and support this game) but I didn't even tried it yet, and I guess I will be even more surprised in a positive way. I won't make any spoilers here, who played
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