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  1. I hope you guys enjoy this video. The video explains everything about the snowman project I started 5 years ago. It has been a roller coaster project, having days where I just didn't feel like grinding, and days I did. Ive had sponsors donate many times, some small, some big, but I contributed 98% of the total costs involved in this project. Its my hope Anet considers as a valid art entry, because of the scale, and time invested. While the very top of the snowman isn't 100% finished, I got to a point where I was exhausted, and just felt like taking it easy for once. Working on this
  2. UPDATE: Ive found a way around the object cap, after redesigning the snowman on my phone, and experimented on the actual snowman and it seems to function correctly for now, but we will see once I begin getting near the top of the snowman where blocks will be more condensed. Right now I'm using as many large blocks as I possibly can to refuse the number of objects in 1 area. Note: Once I finish the snowman, I will post it on this column again, so Anet you better be keeping tabs lol.
  3. Team asura go go go. We asuras have short legs yet are star athletes that can jump as high as a norn, and slam dunks.
  4. haha thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it. That's the whole reason I made it. It was fun to make too. The gold isn't the important part, its the enjoyment I see others get out of it.
  5. That sheds some light on whats going on, thanks for the heads up. Kinda sucks but what can we do...ugh
  6. My Guild Hall was going to be an exhibit of a entry for the 2019 Christmas Art Contest, due to the nature of the content. Due to previous entries I submitted, of previous castles in a guild hall that was stolen from me losing around 30,000 G worth of content, I had to start over from scratch and it appears anet used my idea from those entries for new decorations. However this didn't shake my resolve to complete a major project I have been dreaming of completing for around 3 yrs now. My goal was to find a suitable location for a snowman that would stand 50 blocks high, but since theres a ce
  7. No they were all for different issues. But that makes no sense why I wouldnt get even a automated response I'm so lost to what happened.
  8. Is anyone else having issues submitting a ticket and anet never responds? I cant figure out whats going on, anet never responds to my tickets. Not sure if this is just me or if its common. I submitted like 6-7 tickets over the course of 3 weeks, and only 1 got a automated response.
  9. So I was thinking the other day about an awesome mount that would look dope riding through the sky as the Griffon characteristics, was the SAB Bumble Bee, those Bees that fly to the Honey Comb. SAB is my most favorite thing in gw2, its a crying shame the dev quit that designed SAB cuz anet treated him like poo from what I heard. Now anet wont finish the greatest game/event in history ever ever ever! If you couldnt tell I'm obsessed with SAB lol. The dragon in the end, of W3M3 the wizard turns into would be the ultimate mount skin lol. Can you just imagine seeing that weird dragon flying throu
  10. Ok going on 4-5 hours now, clicking deposit over and over thousands of times for snow flakes. COME ON ANET? Why is this not a function to deposit ALL? I got over 1 million snowflakes to deposit. I think when I'm done itll be around 1.5 million snow flakes.. PLEASE MAKE A BETTER FEATURE TO DEPOSIT MASS AMOUNTS OF DECORATIONS UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im seriously stressing here. Ya I LOVE LOVE LOVE how anet increased the deposit value of the older snowflakes, <3 I will not complain about that, but they forgot to increase the deposit rate of the decoration options.
  11. Ok I am pouring out all the salt I can here cuz seriously, I know its not Anets fault I have garbage internet, but really they could atleast delay the beginning for those who do so we could atleast move off the start pad. I got lag, satalite internet, so it sucks bad, and Ive been using it for 6 yrs. No other internet where I'm from at all. I get around 1-2 sec latency at peak times but good times 1/2 a sec. I just want to complete this puzzle. I can't even begin the puzzle due to the lag, and that green soup that swallows you up before u can even move.
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