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  1. Purple Dream.6175 Aug 28, 2022, 04:07 PDT We are from South Africa and bought this game and was not cheap. We must say that is use to be nice to play but this is getting very unpleasant. We understand to get a skyscale wont be easy but its getting ridiculous. I don't understand why do you make it so unpleasant. Its very expensive and the stuff that you need is very hard to get. Example: if you have to get the Kralkatite ore, its says that the bandstone media shower has fallen, when you get there you cant find anything and you have to fight the whole time before you can do anything. Another thing, you know when you live in South Africa its very different than US, so when you want to buy gems, you pay your butt off. Why do you make everything so ridiculously expensive? You cant get nice skis or anything. Or is this game actually for rich people? I must say I'm very disappointed and disgusted is this game.
  2. My in game name is P ecco999 i like to say I'm a veteran player in your game from guild wars one and loved the game and even bring my wife in to play whit me and bought the hole guild wars one series and even now the hole guild wars 2 series this is the first time I've had serious problems whit you game and is on the stage to leave this hole part of my life whit your game about series of issues I'm experiencing whit your game. the cost of in game Gems to get skins is ridicules expensive and the cost to Rand to Dollar please keep that in mind to other players . the fact to get a guild hall and a two player team like me and my wife cant do the guild missions for favour and do not like to interact whit other players of rudeness an sarcastic players we cant get a guild hall. and like today when we are trying to get our sky-scales the other players is also farming for brand saw meteors and when we got there they all where still there and we cant find any and uses the detector. the hole sky scale mission to get the mount was so unpleased and we do not even want to continue playing your game i really thing I'm not the only player that feels like this today.... please keep in mind me and my wife like playing the game and the environment looks nice.please attend to this problems.
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