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  1. The thing is, I don't hate that turrets are passive, either. I just hate that your options include "drop a turret", "blow up your turret", and "take this trait that makes your turrets marginally more powerful", and the autoattack chain of the Toolkit repairing/healing turrets as the only interaction with the kit. I'd much rather have turrets perform extremely limited functionality, such as pulsing boons, with active/aggressive effects when you actually play the game, like Mechanist's jade mech performing a rocketfist when you use your third weapon slot. Essentially, you'd get a free use of the turret when you drop it, but that getting additional uses out of it requires charging their battery by landing hits, or CC, or what have you. Another trait gives your turrets walker legs, that follow behind you at either immediate, near, or far distance, depending on their effective range. I got mad at Mechanist that there were no variant forms of the jade mech, because I imagined a version that was just a gigantic turret that couldn't move, and would support YOU from range, rather than the other way around. Bonk it with the wrench to heal it, charge it with tasks to perform stronger shots and heavy beams, take the trait to give it legs so you don't waste time redeploying it in a mobile situation, but Mechanist has no more interactions than Scrapper does with Core robotics, or Holo has with kits despite having one built into the spec.
  2. Rolling my way through some testing of the new balance patch from last week, and I got around to the changes to Renegade. Vindication Was: Gain 1 might when you gain Kalla's Fervor. Citadel Bombardment pulls 1 additional missile. Lasting Legacy Was: Heroic Command grants you +1 stack of might per stack of Kalla's Fervor when used. Kalla's Fervor lasts 50% longer, and is stronger (3% damage, condi damage, lifesteal damage, instead of 2%). Vindication Now: Kalla's Fervor now additionally heals you for 1% of your outgoing damage. Citadel Bombardment pulls 1 additional missile. Maybe I'm not understanding things, but... if Kalla's Fervor already grants you 2% lifesteal. And you gain healing based on 1% of your outgoing damage. Is that not the same thing as 3% lifesteal? Or is the effect of Kalla's Fervor that all lifesteal effects are 2% stronger, but Vindication now grants a new form of lifesteal, one that doesn't deal damage, but still heals? I thought the entire issue with Vindication was that it overlapped too heavily with Lasting Legacy, as it granted bonus might that was easily cheeseable with Heroic Command's extra might per stack. What does "extra missiles with Citadel Bombardment" have to do with self-healing at all? Why wouldn't I just use Lasting Legacy for might, bonus damage, bonus condi damage, and lifestealing?
  3. Finally weighing in. For starters: like almost every other spear I tried, I actually greatly enjoyed Elementalist spear as a Core Ele, having the flexibility of Air/Water/Arcane for self-sustain, boons, and vuln damage. This was, of course, largely because Elementalist spear seems violently at odds with all the things Tempest, Weaver, Catalyst, and many core traits want from a weapon, which would be a nice change of style, if Elementalist hadn't languished for a decade with very little in the way of playstyle-defining trait introductions. As many others have said; 1) Fire etching doesn't proc [Persisting Flames], 2) There needs to be burning uptime on the weapon to maintain [Pyromancer's Training], because pDPS is still inextricably linked to condition duration, 3) [Superior Elements] doesn't inflict weakness on account of not being an attack, 4) The etchings are too short and have no bonus to finishing them if you go off-element, so longer duration and an on-completion bonus could be nice. But there are many other issues going on here. [Persisting Flames] is only an issue because the alternatives are [Pyromancer's Puissance], which cannibalizes your might for a melee-range blast, and [Blinding Ashes] for... one blind every 8s. Yyyeah. Not only for burning, but Earth needs bleeding every hit to maintain [Serrated Stones]'s whopping +5% bonus damage, in a list that is completely devoid of any kind of pDPS bruiser trait like what Ranger got for Wilderness Survival with [Carnivore] or [Survival Instincts], which is a shame, because [Written in Stone] could be a shoe-in for the fact that this is the fifth Ele weapon with no transmute on it, or even any direct way to gain or grant an aura without using water3 to leap the fire or dark field, a leap finisher that takes you OUT of the etching most of the time. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if the water etching was an ice field, to blast or leap for an ice aura, but for some reason we needed to have a Fire, a Water, and a Lightning field, just like Catalyst does. This lack of aura generation shoots Catalyst and Tempest in the foot, who have fire fields that CAN proc [Persisting Flames], but not with full uptime on Catalyst, and only BARELY on Tempest, with no non-weapon option for Weaver at all, short of Lava Axe, of all things. Catalyst specifically has a hard time, since it has to look for sources of multi-strike to maintain energy uptime, and damaging fields isn't gonna be it, but Tempest also has to sacrifice any range advantage to furiously pirouette in melee range using Overloads. Speaking of blind, though, spear has the 18th source of Ele blind, with no meaningful trait for it. It's also the 26th source of chill, with lots of cripple, with no meaningful trait for it or "movement impairment" benefit at large, other than a lackluster Weaver superspeed trait that competes with the [Superior Elements] trait that doesn't work. Spear has the 11th and 12th source of superspeed, which is actually on Weaver, Tempest, AND Catalyst utilities, plus a core Air trait, but the only thing that uses it are two Weaver traits where superspeed doesn't compound with swiftness, the way that Scrapper's [Object in Motion] does. Water skills still have no vuln, which feels purpose-made to give me psychic damage by now, but for a "1200-range" "glass cannon with few defensive options more comfortable at range than in the thick of combat", water has a TON of self-sustain healing, significantly more than even melee-range hammer, and trades for all of it at the cost of actual damage: Water spear is the weakest of the four elemental attunements again, because gods forbid we have real competitive water DPS with ice spears and the like. I doubt anything is going to change dramatically in the next two months, because spear is fine, but it's JUST fine. Fidgeting with the range, the cast times, the aftercast, the damage and healing, and adding boons or conditions, really doesn't go a long way in changing how spear engages with Elementalist traits compared to other weapons, because Elementalist has been pretty limited in actual versatile methods to inflict damage for a while now. Almost every single pDPS and cDPS build has used the exact same traits for a decade (with the more passive and unengaging, the better), and without creating weapons and traits that offer OTHER ways to do huge amounts of damage, we were always going to run into this "specialization" issue, whether it was on spear, or on pistols, or on hammer. Now, we don't have time to unpack all that, so my recommendations are limited to the following: Have Etchings pulse a small packet of damage and a short condition each second (For example: Weakness, on Earth). Enables Persisting Flames, and Catalyst cleave for energy, and weakness-empowered bursts on Weaver. Have Etchings persist for an extra 5s if they were completed, pulsing said effect, and giving time to return to the right element to cast. Is Weaver meant to use Etchings? If so, dual skills leave that value behind. If the only reason to quick-attune to your main element is to jump through Weave Self faster, then it sucks. Consider moving Etchings to the second skill slot if we're supposed to use them, otherwise, reevaluate what dual skills are supposed to accomplish. There's very little on spear 4-5 that I actually NEED right away. Dramatically increase the defiance-bar damage that spear CC does to defiant targets. I am tired of being useless with a half dozen CC skills that somehow do less than a single Guardian skill. Dramatically increase the damage of waterspear, nuke the healing, and make the healing power scaling be higher. If we want sustain, we should have to pay for it. Replace either Jokulhlaup or Water Jade Sphere with an ice field, for auras. Make Ripple be a ground-targeted leap, so we aren't forced to move if we don't want to. YOU KEEP PUTTING FORCED MOVEMENT ON ELE WEAPONS, STOP IT- If we're feeling crazy: 1) Give Tempests a ranged overload option 2) Rework Earth to have more pDPS bruiser traits 3) Rework Catalyst Augments to grant auras and/or work with regular combo fields instead of just jade sphere, for variable choice gameplay not reliant on [Written in Stone] 4) Create a trait that grants benefits against movement-impaired foes and/or a trait that triggers on application of chill 5) Add an Air trait that grants benefits while under superspeed that all three elite specs could actually benefit from using different weapons and utilities 6) Upgrade Blinding Ashes with an effect that triggers on blind, not just grants blind on burn 7) Grant Pyromancer's Puissance bonus outgoing damage for 10s equal to the amount of might sacrificed in the blast, so we aren't leaving Fire with less than we started with I dunno. I could go on and on, and I want to reiterate, I LIKE the ideas behind spear. But one of the most important takeaways in the grumblings from "we're not going to make more elite specs" was the subsequent admission that "people like when we add more new ways for them to play their character". From what I've seen of the previews and playtests, almost no spear added in Janthir Wilds will seriously transform the traits we choose to change the way we play the game. The animations are new and pretty, and that's GREAT, I appreciate that, but my biggest observation of Elementalist Spear was "this can't use any of the tech we've relied on for DPS for ten years, and there are literally no alternatives, so the damage is going to feel extremely low." If we want to have new and exciting weapons that ACTUALLY feel different to play on Core, Tempest, Weaver, and Catalyst, we NEED to introduce tech that capitalizes on the ten billion different toys that Elementalist has available to it, but never finds meaningful use for. (I'm serious guys what does Glyph of Ice Storm need to inflict chill 18 times in a single cast for)
  4. It's difficult for me to keep this short and succinct, but as everyone else has said, spear feels too slow to use, even with quickness, it takes too long and too much effort to upkeep Crushing Abyss/Abyssal Raze against a single target and is too inconsistent when not used in shoulder-to-shoulder zerg content, doesn't have nearly enough cover-conditions where torment, it's only source of damaging DOT, can't be evaporated by a single cleanse, and doesn't have enough range with enough gapclosing to feel impactful. Dodging before you fully charge the lengthy Abyssal Raze cast wastes the charge and cancels the attack, and Abyssal Blitz seemingly has completely random 3-5 mines (and is listed as an Explosion in the tooltip. Absolutely bewildering.) Much like every other spear I tried, I applied my stubborn insistence of Core builds to the test, and was surprised at the interaction for a Corruption/Invocation/Devastation base, using [Dance of Death] and Relic of the Sorcerer for battlescars that felt only marginally less bad than trying to ram this abyssal toothpick through the various bottlenecks that every elite spec requires of it, but, to be frank: Revenant is not well-suited to hybrid-damage builds, and so, forcing a 2H hybrid-damage weapon on us is completely pointless. We can adjust the numbers, play with the animation and cast speed, increase the range, increase the damage, add more conditions, whatever, but the fact is, it's extremely difficult to design a hybrid-damage weapon when hybrid-damage isn't a supported playstyle. Torment is the only condition truly supported by Revenant. Not burning, not poison, and not even bleeding, which before weaponmastery decoupling shortbow, had all Rev bleeding EXCLUSIVE to Renegade. Weakness supports Retribution for strike damage, blind and immobilize supports Salvation for healing, vuln plugs into Devastation for battlescars, and chill converts to torment with one, single Corruption trait. Gone are the days of 2018, when Corruption had traits to inflict torment and chill with critical hits, now are the days when Devastation trades 30% of your might cDPS into pDPS. Glint fields chill and burning, Archemorus fields burning and torment, and still, the best we can manage is a torment-pDPS with two doses of chill, because hey: it was on axe, swords, hammer, and Mallyx, right? So let's slap it on greatsword, [Vassal of the Empire], Icerazor's Ire, and spear. Oh, and I mean landspear, by the way: seaspear has had chill on it since it released in 2015, and somehow manages to be a more effective and diverse hybrid-DPS weapon than landspear is today, featuring range-benefit torment autos, an 8x flurry of vuln, a poison sphere that explodes into chill, a chain that inflicts burning every second it's connected and shadowsteps on reactivation, and a pulsing damage field preventing movement. I swear, whoever was in charge of designing Revenant was either fired or quit, but if he left notes, they've been summarily ignored, or put to the torch entirely. For all you who weren't there: Every Revenant legend and weapon was supposed to synergize somehow, even weakly. You weren't just "using Shiro" while "using a hammer", you were using Shiro's speed to counteract the hammer's slowness and land follow-up attacks. And since then, Revenant has become solidly caged in feeling forced to use a specific weapon, with a specific legend, with specific traits, and never. change. Given the option: I would shuffle landspear's focus on Abyssal Raze: cooldown reduction comes from spending energy, -1s every 10 energy spent, and instead of using Abyssal Raze exclusively generate Crushing Abyss that empowers Abyssal Raze (jeez), I would have Crushing Abyss be stacked whenever torment is applied while holding the spear, and consume up to 5 Crushing Abyss stacks on Abyssal Raze use. This creates a dynamic where spear skills compete with, but never fully supplant legend skills, where casting torment-inflicting spear skills charge Abyssal Raze's damage resource and reduce it's cooldown, and legend skills offer utility and reduce Abyssal Raze's cooldown, but don't necessarily charge it's bonus damage. Herald and Renegade can comfortably use energy upkeep and Orders From Above/Citadel Bombardment for faster Abyssal Razes, but without torment applied, it wouldn't hit as hard; Corruption's [Replenishing Despair], Invocation's [Charged Mists], and Vindicator's Energy Meld under [Angsiyan's Trust] generate more energy, and Corruption's [Invoke Torment] and Invocation's [Song of the Mists] blast conditions when swapping and out of energy. Abyssal Raze punches for an initial light jab, inflicting cripple and vuln, while charging a final, Crushing Abyss-consuming blast, with all the fetters it currently has, lining up foes for damage, while helping ensure foes in competitive feel the final hit, especially when under the effects of: Abyssal Blot bombards foes inside the ring with control conditions, one for each pulse: first chill, then cripple, then blind, then weakness, then immobilize, then slow alongside the pull. Two 'phases' of strong control prompt players to either double-cleanse, or attempt to wait out the effects and cleanse afterward, risking an Abyssal Raze blast. Abyssal Blitz evades for 450 range, but grants 3s of superspeed, placing one mine every second. This allows for a stronger gapcloser, reposition, and escape tool. Spear's ranged autos lance 900 units forward in a line, and can pierce multiple targets. We could give Abyssal Force a packet of damaging conditions, including bleed, burn, and poison, but ultimately: We aren't going to have a satisfying hybrid-DPS weapon until hybrid-DPS is actually supported on Revenant. 1) Bring back [Rampant Hex] for torment on crit, [Venom Enhancement] for poison on torment with longer poison, and [Frigid Precision] for a chance to inflict chill on crit, or at least some variation of them, including burning. 2020 absolutely slaughtered a good deal of Corruption's cDPS flexibility, removing a good deal of the crit tech a hybrid build would be relying on, including the multiple strikes made by Shiro's Impossible Odds, Jalis's Vengeful Hammers, and Kalla's Icerazor's Ire. 2) Alter a Devastation trait to inflict bonus damage based on the number of conditions that a foe has, or remove or even reverse the cDPS might penalty on [Notoriety]. 3) Alter a Retribution trait to grant bonus damage against movement-impaired foes. If we can get some of these off the ground again, there might actually be space for a weapon like this, but unless we attack how Revenant INTERACTS with a weapon like this, we're going to just keep going in circles. Scepter is a disaster of a heal-support weapon because it doesn't actually engage with traits, by providing resistance or resolution, or inflicting blinds or immobilizes, or anything that might have given it a distinct advantage over other mainhand weapons, and it exhausts me to see the exact same mindset being applied here with spear.
  5. I like a lot of the ideas that I read in here. Engineer kits, as an "alternative to weaponswap", excessively overpromotes the use of whatever one single skill deals the most damage, without the trait synergy to make it feel like a particularly meaningful choice. That said, I'm not sure about ALL of this? I think there could be some trait reworks that make each weapon have more unique playstyles and rotation applications, and more importantly, I'm not actually sure I'd have more fun with these options than I currently do (I don't). For example, Experimental Turrets drops the one thing I actually like about turrets: my ability to drop them and move away. Picking them up and carrying them with me are just Scrapper well-gyros again. I'd much rather have turrets be an active-gameplay advantage, to punish AFK farmers, but "use only one at a time" isn't really it.
  6. I made a thread talking about my expectations for Necro spear as soon as it was teased, and expected to hate it, but I had a reasonable amount of fun with it in actual play. Like most other spears, it's surprisingly flexible on Core builds; using a Relic of Peitha for shadowstep-DPS combos with the shadowstep available on core shroud. But that's where my praise ends. Much like how swords were designed to overlap and compete with axe/focus as an existing 1H niche for midrange, boon corruption, fear, and chill, with healing no one asked for and unsupported health consume traits, spear seems deadset on competing with greatsword, as a melee-range power 2H with chill on it, but again, tacks on a healing mechanic that nobody asked for. (I actually thought there might be space for a hybrid application, using Curses, bleed on crit, fury entering shroud, bonus crit per condition and bonus condi per precision, Enfeeble entering shroud, and crits inflict weakness, but the weapon's frontloaded bonus damage below enemy health threshold means you either kill foes immediately, or fail to kill on the burst and are left with boggy CDs that compel you to weaponswap.) Ultimately, the weapon is fine. But it's JUST fine. It feels like a low bar was hurdled, rather than something someone was inspired to make, a grab-bag of features that still somehow doesn't successfully create a new gameplay outlet for most Necromancer builds that aren't "enter shroud and burst down to win", which has been supported for years, using the exact same traits that spear is expected to use to do it's damage as well. Spear, like greatsword, deals a ton of damage through out-of-shroud spam, but if spear was meant to reward regular flickering into and out of shroud, spear should have had a mechanic that reduced the CD of entering shroud. Possibly, -1s per soul shard consumed. On-entry traits are still controlled by iCD, and Core/Reaper/Scourge still need LF to enter/stay in shroud, but Harbinger could see unique use on account of actually gaining LF when allowed to enter shroud. It'd be nicer if there was some other Harb feature for on-enter shroud or a non-damage value for using shroud skills like boons or healing, rather than multiple mechanics rewarding Harb for staying in shroud, but that's a separate issue. Health-sustain weapon tech on the most beefy profession in the game is a joke. Instead, have swords and spear generate LF, not healing and not low-threshold healing, and redesign Blood Magic to use LF as a source of healing. [Overflowing Thirst] converts a percentage of your LF gain into self-healing, and [Life From Death] or [Last Rites] could grant their threshold-based bonus healing power based on your current LF amount, with bonus LF gained if at maximum LF already. Combos with [Blood Bank], makes LF generation not meaningless to have 'too much' of, creates a unique useage case where spear is actually more comparable to mainhand dagger as a self-sustain weapon, than greatsword, and enables a playstyle for non-shroud dependency, allowing for shroud to be played with as a not-irreplaceable elite spec tool. (Speaking of separate issues, and if we wanted to go REALLY crazy: Harbinger has no LF pool, LF is gained as healing, and shroud skills cannibalizes your health instead of LF. Blight inflicts damage over time, not health reduction or healing. For Harb to be peak, it destroys itself, and so needs to more meaningfully trade into self-sustain or find allies. Swords, spear, and daggers become a sustain tool, double-dipping for healing when using the above Blood Magic changes.) But absolutely insane suggestions aside, back on the topic of spear. Soul Shards is an interesting idea, but without being tied to an elite spec to use traits to choose if it gives us bonus damage, healing, or inflict conditions, it's a bit... iffy. If Perforate included "Soul shards that strike a weakened foe inflict bleeding" would not only be thematically relevant, but help marry spear in to the various bonuses in Curses, and help placate the hybrid/condi-enjoyers a little, while allowing some lasting benefits from the burst against enemies who didn't die from it. Extirpate is an interesting experiment, but ultimately falls short. Grant it a non-staff mark as well: "Perform a wide swing that inscribes a mark. Foes struck by the initial attack, or who trigger the mark, have 3 boons removed and gain 3 Extirpation, plus 1 Extirpation per boon removed, and grant you 1 might and 1 soul shard per foe struck. If Extirpation is allowed to expire, it inflicts a follow up attack, inflicting 2s of poison." This would create an outlet for Soul Reaping's [Soul Marks], unblockable and bonus LF, help with zoning in competitive if you don't cast it in the middle of a zerg or miss, and has PvE value against bosses beyond the initial damaging swing. So, again. Necro spear is fine, but it's JUST fine. It doesn't engage with Necro's tech enough to create a great new niche use, and it only does that one new niche well, and everything else is something we already had enough of. Some of that problem is because of Necro's traits not promoting new playstyles, but I don't have a lot of faith those will change at all, much less change any time soon, or before the expansion. Cranking the damage doesn't help this one, because it already hits like a truck when used for that aforementioned niche case, and neither will reducing the CDs or increasing the range. Like swords before it, I really feel like the issues with this one can't be solved by simple number fixes, and it'll be tossed aside as a one-trick spike-stick.
  7. I really like some of the useage ideas in most of these abilities, but I think we're past the point of reworking the entire weapon into a cDPS. I could imagine all of these on some kind of land-harpoon gun (harpoons are often tied with rope, and Ranger harpoon gun is already a condi weapon), but even things like including Black Widow as a pet and not simply as skill FX is a little out there.
  8. To preface, I was the most excited about Ranger spear going into the devstream, but by the time the beta ended, I was kinda ambivalent about it. Crossposting from some of my reddit comments. It doesn't really feel impactful to use. Long cast times, floaty animations, lacking animation and sound design that granted weapons like greatsword, sword, axe, and longbow a certain "thunk" to their impacts. Mostly an aesthetic fix than a balance one, but especially Mongoose's Frenzy felt like a paintbrush than a clawing, and I know you guys were excited to use the new warclaw skin for a skill, but PLEASE replace the animation with the WvW-engage skill clawing. Warclaw's Engage/Predator's Ambush felt like I was dropping a potato on enemies. Much like every other spear I tried, this weapon is surprisingly comfortable as a Core Ranger, but mostly because of how allergic it is to the tech that each elite spec wants to have. No spear condi and no pDPS Druid tech means [Celestial Shadow] feels iffy to use, very lacking in CC that maces, GS, OH axe, and hammer have either multiple of or on short CD means poor UT adoption and SB [Twice as Vicious] accessibility, no quickness, no SB poison, no prot, or boons much to speak of at all. If maces were built to do everything, spear feels built to do nothing. How slow the weapon is and lacking in multi-strike means poor useage of [Hunter's Gaze] might, [Sharpened Edges] crit bleed application, [Potent Ally] might, Strength of the Pack might, SB One Wolf Pack and Vulture Stance applications, and UT's [Ferocious Symbiosis] and Forest's Fortification CD reduction. Lack of reliable CC includes issues from above, but also unreliable use of [Carnivore], making Wilderness Survival an extremely iffy pDPS pick. [Two-Handed Training] preemptively removing spear value means Beastmastery is also a terrible pick, since you don't even have the CC to make it grant you fury. Warclaw's Engage/Predator's Ambush being 18s feels preemptively nerfed, as the only source of CC (and even then, only while stealthed), and a leap finisher you could use to leap a smoke field for stealth. Far too long a cooldown. (I could have sworn it was 18s in PvP, but the wiki lists 15s.) Falcon's Stoop/Owl's Flight feels weird. It's ranged, inflicts cripple, but also deals bonus damage that relies on movement impairment? Which is available on the melee-range autoattack strike, and Spider's Web? Is this meant to be used in melee range or not? Panther's Prowl/Spider's Web feels awful. The stealth duration isn't long enough (3s would do), but 25s per charge, x2 charges, for what? 2s immob, 1s cripple, pet superspeed? 50 seconds for that? (I could have sworn it was 25s per charge in PvP, but the wiki says 10 and 15s for PvE/Competitive. It's still not great.) Only having dedicated stealth on Jaguar, combo stealth on Smokescale, non-pDPS stealth on Druid, and weaponswap-reliant stealth with longbow feels like we don't quite have enough stealth to make all the stealth reliance on this weapon feel good, and locks us into even more rigid pet use than we've suffered since Smokescale was introduced. I know that numbers-based changes are all we can expect by now, but I can't tell if spear was designed to work with only a specific set of traits and skills in mind, or if it was designed without acknowledgement of traits and skills at all. Hence, my disappointment after the reveals and testing. Things I'd recommend: Boost the animation and projectile speeds a little, add a bit more impact-bass when the skills connect, replace the Warclaw animation with the WvW engage. HIGHLY recommend halving the damage of Mongoose's Frenzy/Wolf's Onslaught, but doubling the number of strikes/attacks. Instead of 2 hits, 3 if stealthed, landing 4 swipes, and 2 bites if stealthed, for a total of 4-6 hits, helps proc Ranger's multi-hit tech a little more, a unique 2H low-cooldown tech piece. I'd almost suggest Falcon's Stoop/Owl's Flight grants you and your pet fury on skill use, to help proc Marksmanship's [Remorseless] before impact, but really, I just want there to be more boons than swiftness on this thing. Put CC on the non-stealth version of Warclaw's Engage. It's too reliant on an unreliable state. Consider giving the stealth version of each skill it's own cooldown, similar to Elementalist transmutes, as the reward for finding more sources for stealth. Simple raw DPS increases on the stealth skills make the skills feel like a mistake to use if you don't have stealth, but stealth is too infrequent to not press those buttons. Remove the forced Revealed on each stealth skill. If we land a hit we get Revealed anyway, all this is doing is punishing a miss. We don't even have a trait like Thief's [Revealed Training] where we could benefit from forced reveal. Consider upping Panther's Prowl to 3s of stealth, or adding a core trait that extends our stealth duration and another method of gaining stealth. Maybe when we inflict blindness? I would actually love if we had a core trait somewhere that gave us benefits on applying/while under superspeed. We have enough sources now, including one on each of Druid ([Celestial Shadow]), SB (griffon stance), UT (perilous gift and forest's fortification), and core (quickening zephyr, signet of the hunt, [Zephyr's Speed]), and now pet superspeed with Spider's Web, not to mention Relic of the Pack, Wayfinder, and Unseen Invasion specifically turning our stealth into superspeed. Heavily consider reworking [Two-Handed Training] into something that benefits "not using a weapon in your off hand", such that it benefits greatsword, hammer, longbow, shortbow, and land AND water spear. Not least to speak of other weapon-dependent traits like [Lead the Wind], [Strider's Strength], and [Honed Axes], but Beastmastery specifically needs an overhaul that makes it valuable to non-Soulbeasts. The weapon is serviceable, it's just... bland. It doesn't feel great to use on any elite spec, or even core, because of how many valuable traits it shoots in the foot simply by merit of it's skill design. It introduces more tech, but capitalizes on it poorly or in a way that feels awkward to use. I sincerely hope that we don't just slap extra damage on the weapon and call it a day, and take a look at exactly what tech "A Ranger With A Spear" is expected to be using from a synergy and fantasy perspective. EDIT: I can't believe I didn't say this, absolutely outraged that Untamed's spear unleash doesn't grant stealth. It's RIGHT THERE. It's so painfully obvious an interaction.
  9. I was gonna say, I was shocked to hear that the unleash didn't grant stealth. It seems like such a no-brainer, when Ranger has stealth, but not much of it.
  10. Yeah, past this, I'm ignoring you. It's one thing to say "I'm a fan of Necromancer and how it plays, and I don't believe your suggestions are necessary to improve it", because that'd be like. That's just your opinion, man. But "giving a class a boon or healing weapon loses access whenever you enter shroud" is just- Do you hear yourself? Do you hear yourself describing Druid avatar, Revenant legends, Elementalist attunements, Specter Shroud, weaponswap, NECROMANCER shroud ITSELF- My dude, you're describing the concept of cooldowns. In general. Literally, "if I alter my state, I will gain the advantages of the new state, and lose the advantages of the old state." Even Scourge exists, as an obvious and blatant exception to that rule, because you don't even alter state by getting into shroud. What are you even talking about. If lifeforce doesn't exist except to enable the bottleneck that is entering shroud, then weapons that spend lifeforce, and weapons that grant boons, are an obvious way to instantly double, or even triple, the number of builds a Necromancer could have. Every other profession in the game has elite specs that plays with or even eliminates the core class mechanic entirely, but Necromancer is apparently just allergic to that. Enjoy that mechanic if you want, but I want some more diversity.
  11. I'm not even arguing that Necromancer isn't popular, but the only way we have to really prove that is through hearsay, anecdotal evidence like threads recommending Necromancer to players "new to the game and I die a lot", or "my kid wants to play, what's something easy", and GW2wingman and GW2efficiency, which runs exclusively PVE data, and even then, is skewed by only representing people who plug their APIs into their database. But overall, people play what's easy; it's the same reason why these statistics list Virtuoso alone playing strikes more than all three Necromancer elite specs combined, and why at one point Mechanist represented 33% of all raid and strike activity before it was reigned in. Necromancer is easy. EVEN I don't want Necromancer, at it's core, to change; I'm not recommending taking away the way that people currently play the game. Like I've said, I've played the class for a decade. You don't just do that on a whim. But in a period where almost every other profession is getting thoughtful additions to help round out their kit, that have meaningful interactions with the profession's core mechanics or even introduce a brand new mechanic altogether, "lifesteal pDPS melee spear" was really not what I wanted to see on the list. Harbinger is the closest thing we have to a low-health-sustain elite spec in the entire game, but nothing Harbinger has remotely uses the skills listed on Necro spear in a meaningful way. You could have replaced this weapon with whipping tiny rocks at enemies, and it'd have about as much thematic or mechanical relevance. Necromancer as it currently exists doesn't need to change, but I'd really appreciate if MORE options and playstyles existed, the same way as every other profession is either developing underused playstyles, or gaining brand new ones.
  12. More than anything from this thread, even dressed up and disguised as "this class shouldn't be changed", seems to be an overall atmosphere of defeat. I've seen one or two people around generally interested in the burst-DPS loop, but nothing resembling real excitement anywhere, and everyone else appears to have just resigned themselves to the idea that Necromancer has problems, but that they won't, can't, or shouldn't be fixed, or showing an overall lack of faith that if any changes were to be made, then they'd almost certainly be for the worse. Like, come on guys. Necromancer has gotten the bad end of the stick for years. Whenever we're seen to be too strong, we get knocked down, until we're unplayable, and then when public sentiment against Necros gets bad enough, we get a massive boost, making us be perceived as too strong again. Sword healing and spear lifesteal are bewildering tech for the class with the highest working health pool in the game, and we can't realistically get more powerful because of how hard Necros are to kill in the first place. Harbinger is the only spec that even entertains the idea of trading that survivability for extra power, but it has no skills in it's kit that even begins to promote a playstyle. We wouldn't have called Guardian a chase/execute class before Willbender, per say, and we wouldn't have called Thief a healer before Specter (or after, apparently..), but if Druid can get updates that let it play as a CC/immob bleed cDPS, when it's entire identity was once that of a healer's, or Virtuoso can trade Mesmer clones for blades, why can't we hold Necromancer and Harbinger to stronger creative account? "Blight lowers maximum health bar" literally only synergizes with [Blood Bank], converting excess healing to barrier. It's the only trait interaction: not boons, not conditions, not life force, not barrier, not CC, not mobility, not range, not melee, not minions. Elixirs having boons and cleanse doesn't mean anything, and none of the conditions applied are enough to form a playstyle, not like chill on Reaper or torment/burning on Scourge. Self-blight on impact as an alternative source of blight that doesn't require sitting in shroud is nice, but consuming blight as an emergency way for you to get rid of your stacks? For what? Double mediocre damage, and double duration of mediocre conditions? How is that considered a payoff? Doing something as basic as "Harbinger adds your shroud hp to your regular hp, shroud skills consume health, lifeforce heals you" would instantly rocket all the lifeforce, self-sustain, and defense tech that we have available on Necromancer already into the realm of real tradeoffs and value. ArenaNet doesn't have to be so scared of giving Harbinger, swords, and spear some real punchyness, and Harbinger gets to stop feeling like "Core Necromancer, with extra steps". Does it make Harbinger vulnerable? Sure! Does it make it MORE vulnerable than it currently is? Debatable. Does it mean that we have seven different ways to play Harb, instead of the same tired pDPS, cDPS, or "throw elixirs and sit in shroud for group quickness" builds that it currently has available? Absolutely.
  13. As an amendment to the above: Having thought about it, I really wonder if spear isn't being designed with Curses in mind. Or, at least, a possibility. It feels weird, that Ranger's spear advertises stealth, something Ranger uses often in WvW, and Guardian spear mentions "[Writ of Persistance], an existing guardian trait", but Necromancer's text doesn't seem to want to connect spear to Necromancer, more than "exit shroud to reset the burst" and the fact it has chill on it. EXITING shroud isn't really a Necromancer feature too much; 90% of Necro's effectiveness is tied to getting into, and being IN shroud. Curses could theoretically be used in a way to flicker shroud for value, resetting cooldowns and gaining fury and blasting weakness and bleed, but those traits aren't strong enough to carry spear by itself. The only way spear displaces shroud as DPS is if the numbers are cranked so absurdly high that everybody goes googley-eyes and gives it a free pass. Anything less renders it a meme build, tossed on the same pile as dual swords. I genuinely hope that there's some great tech coming with the other two Necro spear skills, but with a Soul Shards mechanic, a cooldown reset loop mechanic, and burst-pDPS, anything left will be either not as complicated, or make the weapon even more complicated.
  14. Like I said in MY previous post, "This interaction is too strong" isn't a good enough reason to delete the interaction altogether. There are plenty of precedents to indicate that [Blood Bank] could be made to interact with Scourge traits on a 10s or even 20s iCD, including several "automatic"-style traits or trait interactions, and getting spooked by what's an obviously overpowered application of barrier tech isn't an excuse to say "uh, this isn't actually really barrier". It's inconsistent, doesn't communicate it in the tooltip to players, and sucks. Other than Harbinger's shroud mechanic, which I consider to lacking in unique tech or creativity to be a meaningful addition to the game as an elite spec, especially given that we're unlikely to get more elite specs in the future, everything that I recommended is a trait change. All of it. Like I've said before: If health sacrifice, something that Necromancer is in a unique position to adopt as a build mechanic, is something that Necro is expected to offer as a build mechanic, we simply don't have the tech right now to make it viable. I'm not saying Signet of Undeath, sword life-sacrifice, and spear low-health sustain is good: I'm saying that right now it's bad, and we do not have the tech to make it good, or make it make sense. It ends up being random shots in the dark rather than a cohesive, intelligent design, a design that I believe the designers should investigate more than they have been, and more strongly than these halfhearted jabs. We have been told, in no uncertain terms, verbatim, "This spear is a melee power damage weapon that brings disruptive elements, a bit of mobility, and some strong burst potential through cooldown resets." This entire paragraph is wishful thinking. And believe me, I would be THRILLED if spear was a unique 2H condi melee, I've said as much even back in my original post, but the sad fact is, there's been no indication that Necro spear engages with Necro's core or elite traits in a way that fundamentally makes it different than weapons we have already. If there was, I imagine they'd have mentioned it, like Ranger spear getting stealth, or Guardian's spear symbol "illuminates for as long as the symbol lasts, including the bonus duration granted by Writ of Persistence, an existing Guardian trait." Let's use Curses as an example point. Necro spear could, theoretically, make use of Curses, to be a hybrid damage weapon, but outside of competitive, Necromancer doesn't care about hybrid damage (So, maybe this is supposed to be a WVW weapon, but that makes it all the more disappointing to me, since Necro wasn't really demanding a new WVW weapon). [Barbed Precision]'s 33% chance to bleed on crit could make use of Perforate's multiple hits, but so could greatsword3 or even mainhand axe2, but Soul Shards "are only consumed by the skill's second ability", and "deal increased damage to low-health enemies", not crit chance or guaranteed crits, or condi duration. [Insidious Disruption] inflicting torment on disable might work, but there's been no report spear even has a source of fear, much less being a disable weapon like what Ranger's been getting on maces and hammer. [Parasitic Contagion] healing you off condition damage could make use of spear's low-health bonus healing, but again, there's not a lot of condition damage here, especially via bleeding, and not a lot to indicate Necro is meant to play at low health. [Target the Weak]'s bonus crit chance based on number of conditions could help, but only if spear miraculously found a surplus of conditions, and the only one we've heard about is chill on spear3. The post reads "some disruptive elements", but doesn't say what they are. Said chill could make use of Reaper's [Deathly Chill], but not often enough to be taken seriously (even cDPS Reaper is considered a bit of a meme build at this point), not compared to greatsword and sword inflicting chill on autoattacks or with a chill-field whirl, and with no listed source of fear, Reaper couldn't use that for bonus chill, and Curses couldn't use it as a source for [Terror] dps, and [Lingering Curse] is explicitly a scepter trait. If there was a source of blind, [Chilling Darkness] could be another source of chill, but again, only Reaper cares about that. Blood Magic's [Mark of Evasion] bleeding is when you dodge, not when you evade, so any evasion tech that could be on spear is null. No Necro trait grants any weapon mechanic a source of poison; Harb shroud 2, yes, but not weapons, and even Relic of the Demon Queen needs disables. Confusion? Nah Torment? No traits except Insidious Disruption's disables Burning? Scourge inflicts it with torment, see above, but otherwise no non-shroud/weapon interactions None of the above would possibly displace Soul Reaping x Spite as a pDPS. What'd need to happen is, Spear3's flip, Distress, inflicts Fear and Immobilize. [Insidious Disruption] is changed, to "Barbed Precision's bleed chance on crit increases to 100% for 3s after disabling a foe." [Lingering Curse] is amended, "Conditions inflicted with strikes of a scepter or spear have longer durations, feast of corruption blah blah blah" Both of the other spear skills need to have some kind of hard-CC to proc disable tech At that point, a hybrid-DPS burst spear could throw, flip and fear, rooting the target so that they don't run, gaining a minimum of +6% crit chance from [Target the Weak], then Perforate with seven critical hits that, striking a disabled enemy with [Insidious Disruption], could inflict seven stacks of bleeding, with the whole setup reset by flickering into shroud and back. And even then, it STILL would be considered an underpowered meme build, because of how ludicrously strong Soul Reaping is, and that the weapon is, again verbatim, "designed as a power weapon" that would benefit from Spite more. So, like, if the above is what you consider a viable "2H condition weapon", then congrats, this is what you're getting.
  15. I'm aware that [Blood Bank] doesn't currently do those things, my point was that if it DID count as barrier in the eyes of Scourge, or even Relic of the Scourge, it'd still be self-only. Having to slot Blood Magic and [Blood Bank] to benefit from Scourge barrier effects once every 10s is not the most heinous design sin that exists in this game. Also, [Feed From Corruption] doesn't grant alacrity to allies, because you only apply alacrity to the targets you grant barrier to. Scourge needing group barrier for group alacrity is another reason I'm not thrilled with it's flexibility, but again, if we got some kind of secondary/offhand shield, that could apply barrier in an AoE, it'd be a great alternative to torch generating group might. We might even still get a group-barrier skill on one of the last two spear skills, but I find that unlikely, and Power Scourge is kind of a joke in the PVE space at the moment. Guild Wars 2 INFAMOUSLY touted "no holy trinity, everyone can do anything" for years, both before and after throwing out that intention when they introduced raids more than a decade ago. They've since spent the last ten years making sure that every profession has a capable pDPS, cDPS, quickness, alacrity, and healer variant; Ranger didn't launch with healing staff, and SOTO's mainhand mace is so overwhelmingly better for boons that staff is mostly kept in reserve in PVE. Mesmer only comparatively recently twisted staff into a healing device using an entire Inspiration rework, and then threw that out with the introduction of rifle as a dedicated heal-boon weapon. Warrior was granted staff, Engineer the shortbow, and Revenant got mainhand scepter. Even the take that "Necromancer shouldn't be support" is easily dismissed by the existence of Scourge, and Harbinger elixirs, and like I said above, an offhand shield granting group barrier would be a support weapon for Scourge. Like. Whatever perception you had of the game's core design philosophies was left behind at the station a decade ago, and has only been building speed since then. Every other profession is growing in complexity and nuance except Necromancer, and like.. what are you even fighting for here? "Necro shouldn't change, it's perfect, except for the ways that it's not, which is okay!, because that's the way it's always been. Even the ways that it's changed over the years, those are all okay, but we can't change it any more, that'd be bad. I mean, it'd be nice if we used traits to get boons, even though Necro doesn't grant boons!, and we shouldn't change core Necro!, and we shouldn't change elite specs!, and no weapon should have a function that isn't in core Necro that an elite spec could use to grant boons! I have astounding consistency." If core Necro can't use it's massive healthbar and self-sustain to spend health and gain value, why did Signet of Undeath introduce a brand new tooltip element specifically to communicate that in 2019? A tooltip element that was brought back and used on both mainhand and offhand sword, in the form of "skill to heal, flip to consume health"? All I'm saying is, Necro already has the tech, it's just underexplored, and Necro is the perfect candidate of all nine professions and 27 elite specs to be able to pull it off. Spear at least pretends that self-sustain is something Necro cares about, but I want to see an endorsement of it, and actual buildcraft components that make it a recognizable build.
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