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  1. Still active and having fun! Strikes, wvw, dungeons, events, metas each day!
  2. Soto Strikes have been added to weekly strike rotatons! Easy to learn
  3. We had a lot of people join over the weekend, and tackle many strikes with you guys!. We hope ot see alot more soon ❤️
  4. Running around the new area has been a blast! Helping all new members in the soto area daily
  5. ✨ What We Offer You ✨ We Are seeking Adults who want a place to call home. We are continuing to look for more friends to add to Our Guild! Very Active Discord! Members on all hours of the day! All welcome! Family Friendly (no profanity, No raunchy talk Period, with an adult crowd innuendos are okay) We are patient, and encouraging, have no bullying, no racism, and support. ✨ Our Guild ✨ We do a little of everything including Fractals Strikes Dungeons Metas ✨Extras✨ • Guild Missions/Guild Events most nights. • Discord and a guild hall level 40 and growing. • Helpful, active mentoring, beginner, veteran, and returning player friendly. • We are seeking people for all time zones. *Remember we are on NA servers* ✨ About The Madhouse✨ Be Reborn in the Mad House Retreat! Join a group of friends who will never judge you and want you to had fun in our family-style guild. We are not looking for members we are looking for Friendships. All we ask is that you give respect to your fellow guild mates and they in turn will do the same. We want you to be a part of the family! ✨ To Join ✨ If we sound like a fit for you or you have any questions, please drop us an in-game note or whisper. Message: JABYRD.9278 (Guild Leader) in Game or Discord: JABYRD7773
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