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  1. Hi, I just got back to GW2 a few days ago and looking for a guild for my brother and I. How active are you guys during 8PM - 12AM during weekdays?
  2. Hi all, I just re-downloaded GW2 after taking a break for about a year, and looking for a guild. I've got a few lvl80s, and seems like I was in midst of working on my ascended gears when I quit. I'd like to pick up the grind and play again with an active league. I've done a few fractals in the past, but I'm a total newbie in WvW and PvP. I'd like to get more involved in these this time around. Overall, I am looking for a league that is still doing daily fractals, occasional raids, and WvW/PvP. I am a pretty quick learner, but I'll need some patience and guidance during the first few weeks. VOI
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