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  1. Hello guys, I have been playing gw2 since its release and in the past 2-3 years i have stopped playing as I felt like I needed a break. I am wondering if there will be any changes to the game engine and such to make the game run a bit better? I have always had terrible FPS in this game since the early days with a bunch of different computer
  2. i am experiencing very low FPS with an intel i7 8700 and gtx 1070TI. there is a Photo in the first post of the options i have thicked and yet i run at maximum 60 FPS... something is not working properly. my screen is 144Hz. what kind of informations would you need?
  3. hello guys how is it possible i can get max 60 fps in pvp on a setup like this? every other game i play like overwatch runs at 144FPSforgot to mention i am on best performance settinghttps://lookimg.com/image/iQXjo
  4. some macros cant really be detected, there is mouses with macro options and i highly doubt that anet has any way to scan for this. also i find it hard that they would "ban" a mouse for being used , so i think that this is a very hard if not impossible task to accomplish. i also see macros once and then but to be honest could be a good palyer with very low ping and fast fingers... dunno
  5. hello guys, is there any wayt to get a bigger mouse cursor? i know there is yolo mouse but i dont really like it neither want to use third party programs.I see that in the 64 bit version of the game the cursor has different size than 32 bit..
  6. Anet, what is goign on with Kyhlo and a bunch of other maps??? most of the shadowstep places do not work anymore.Also i would add was blinding power .25 cast time necessary^?^
  7. hello guys, i recently switched to the 64 bit client and it looks like the graphics are different... the menus and stuff look scaled differently
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