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  1. Yea, not a big fan of spending gold for an item in which the chance of getting DM is still low. Even with the masters salvage, it's still a low chance. Thanks though.
  2. I've noticed that when I salvage exotics, the number of Dark Matter seems to be a rarity at best to get. Could we not have a vendor that uses Laurels, Karma, Spirit Shards, etc., or other map currency to purchase? Can keep a limit on it if need be, such as 5 per day? It's just a suggestion. It's just being a real pain for me to get to craft more armor for a few of my characters. Thanks.
  3. I was able to log in yesterday (3/10/21). Today, (3/11/21), however, I'm no longer able to. I've tried to repair launcher, no luck. Re installing the game now. I'm getting several different error codes.
  4. I don't mind using the mouse however, for me, specifically the new skyscale. I have absolutely NO controls over that mount. Unbound, rebound the keybinds, still nothing. I can't even get the thing to launch in the air. When I am able to get it to launch, by doing a very quick mount/dismount/mount, I can go until the bar depletes but, as soon as it lands, I can only "walk" forward, backward, and turn left an right, it will not launch again. Space bar only does the barrel roll if I walk off a ledge. Really questioning if it's even worth to continue the trek for the mount... seems pointless now.
  5. I'll help out, usually 1: it's an HP I need anyways. 2: for me it's paying it forward as help was given to me in the past an present. I don't complain if others jump in on mine. I view it as, it just gets done faster and I can move on to the next.Completely agree that soloing out in the PVE world is NOT the place to test out a build. For those that are new players, they may not have all of their abilities or, their build complete.I see this thread from both sides... just my opinion but, it's still better to jump in an help others since, HP'S are repeatable, at least many of them are.
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