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  1. Nice Meta: 3 Guard Builds and every other class just 1 without Ele,Ranger and Thiefs. And nobody talked about your points the real fact is that the Meta never changed. 4 Years gone and we play the same things. And if a Zerg can stay inside of Sieges without moving Anet did something wrong here with the Balance thats my Opinion. If Sieges arent important we can remove it from Game and lets remove Keeps, Towers and Camps too bcs this Game changed to a if you got a Big good Zerg u can do all and if not just watch the situation like a movie how they are flipping everything of you. Its not the Pla
  2. My Explain to Siege Buff: Siege Buff bcs if u got few Player they couldnt do anything. If a Player got more HP or something else doesnt help bcs the Big and organized Zerg will catch u again and again they dont care about you got more Stats or not. With a Siege Buff u could stay with your few Players inside of Buildings and can try to hold bcs if 10 Players got better stats or not, doesnt make a difference. But with a Siege Buff u could hold things better and u could attack and break enemy Towers/Keeps faster. So you can try to split the Enemy Big Zerg bcs if you as Small Group deffend and
  3. Thank you! But thats a hard WvW Problem. I was leading for 3 Years. I did a break from 6 Years and I started to play again with August 2021. I have in 3 Years a WvW Playtime from 5k hours. I am Commander and old Leader on a German Server. I asked and talked with a lot People which told me they dont wanna play WvW bcs the loot there is sh**, its better in PvE or PvP and yeah there are some People which play Contents for Loot (but everyone starts small and maybe they will be interested in this Content if they understand WvW). So I took the Opinion not from 1 Guy ... from many Guys. I decided to
  4. Loook: If u got 20 x 100 Member Guilds or 4x 500 Guilds isnt the same because u can mix 20 Guilds better as 4 Guilds. If u get a strong 500 Member Guild u cant put the People out of it they will always play together but with 100 Member Guilds u cant build strong Guilds and can split them better. If the Alliancesystem stay like this with 500 Members in 1 Guild it wouldnt change the Problem of Unbalancing because Guilds which change together the Server and destroy the Balance will change together the Guild with Alliance. Same Sh** different Systems. Alliance will make more Problems bcs WvW will
  5. Nop sorry but you are wrong. Before some years it wasnt the same and People Deffend the Keeps when we get Attacks from 70vs 30 we could hold things. Now its impossible. Anet pushed the Heal and Support of many classes and nerfed the Sieges and most of the time when Player enter your Keep its over, some good Zergs just staying inside without flipping and farming the few Player Servers which running and running and try to hold it without a Chance. That isnt a Player Problem because Player cant deffend. Everyone can learn it easily how they can deffend something but if you have no Chance you will
  6. I am not on the same opinion like u bcs first u dont get Ubuff if there are alot players on your Server. And 2nd the equally sized- or experienced groups dont need the right classes if they are scared about more sieges dmg and havnt the right classes in the zerg they only need the right strategy to take keeps,tower. They are more People maybe attack from both sides or to use Sieges too to destroy deffender sieges to take keeps. At the Moment they just overrun everything and its easy Karmatrain vs Servers with few Players and thats bulls....t. I love to fight too but to deffend things is an imp
  7. The Problem is u just watching the Beta from your Point but u are not allone in this Beta. There are 1000 Randoms and 1000 New Players too which wanna play this Content too and they will never join into this Content if they get the same experience like me. I didnt choose a guild bcs i want to see Alliance as a Random and its horrible. The difference is... the 5x 100 Player Guild dont play always together bcs Anet create the Balance but the 500 Player Guild you cant change anything there they will always play together if they are strong or not.
  8. I dont say that this will change anything but it would help people more as a Ubuff with Karma, Magicfind and other sh...t. If trebs and other Sieges make more dmg u could remove enemy Sieges faster and hold things longer and maybe help will come. We have in this Game a Deffend Problem nobody try to hold something if the Enemy Zerg is bigger maybe that would change it a little bit.
  9. Yeah than on my Server. Maybe u got luck and got a better Server than me. I think u choose an Alliance. Play the Alliancesystem as a Random and look how WvW will be if u dont have a Alliance and that should bring new Players into this Content lmao. If u have a 100 Members Guild u can do a better Balance as with a Guild where are 500 Players inside. Thats the different. If u talking about Balance and the same Guilds which change together the Server .. they will change it now again with Guilds/Alliancesystem so you cant talk about balancing anything.
  10. So u wanna tell me that 5 players vs 25 Players if they get a Ubuff with 10% Siege dmg is to much ? or maybe u wanna just overrunning with your full server the Servers which have few Players? I think if you have few Players to get a Siege Buff for holding your things isnt to much for a Balance. People dont deffend if they see oh there is a 30+ Zerg and we are 5 Players lets go off why the f... i should hold this bcs they know they have no chance to hold their things if there is Zerg with 30 ppl more but if this Players get a Siege buff maybe they get a chance to deffend right. I am dont talkin
  11. Alliancesystem will never work, thats why i am telling to change Guilds to 100 Members. The Problem of the Balance is that a lot Guilds change from Server to Server. How you wanna stop that if you have the same thing with Alliancesystem and 500 Players in 1 Guild? If Anet will keep this System they need to change the Limit if not we have the same thing again. In the Beta right now we have 20 Randoms on Spawn which waiting for their Pips and only Guilds are fighting. Its WvW and not GvG. And Point 1 to 6 are Ideas for right now not included the Alliancesystem (bcs in my eyes this Syst
  12. Hey I have some change Ideas for WvW and I think there are alot good Ideas and WvW Players will agree. 1. Change the U-Buff in 3 Types for the Balance Low Ubuff -> If a Server had 20 Players more on the Map you get a Low Ubuff -> Every Siege -> Arrow Carts, Canons and and .. make 10% more Dmg. Middle Ubuff -> If a Server had 30 Players more on the Map you get a Middle Ubuff -> Every Siege -> 20% more Dmg High Ubuff -> if a Server had 40 Players more on the Map you get a High Ubuff -> Every Siege -> 30% more Dmg With this Ubuff System P
  13. Guys if u got a Disconnect in Stories change your Grafic Quality to high and the disconnects are gone. If you play on Middle or Low Quali u get Disconnects i dont know why but yeah that works.
  14. Mission: The Mystery Cave had the same Bug after the Video I got disconnects.
  15. Yeah I did today the Mission Foefire Cleansing and everytime after the Video i got a disconnect. I wanna do my archievments but nop i tried all but everytime after the cinematic Video the Client crash... Remove the Cinematics or do something Anet.
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