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  1. No need so many lines, just this means that you agree with the op's opinion : rating depend (more or less) from others. And I add my own personnal opinion (again) : it's completly absurd to keep a competitive mode, with individual ranks, made to work for full teamQ, with a bastard system of solo/duoQ. I personally don't care about it since i just play for fun. But it's unfair for all those soloQ no strategists players who do pvp with a competitive spirit.
  2. Being in the top of the ladder is matching many things : being good, play in duoQ, play at certain hours, not playing too much matches in a row... Let's stream us, Bluri, a full soloQ of 20-30 matches in a row, a sunday of holiday at 16h and starting from gold 1. You will climb rank, but we all know how stupid/trololo-yo-yo it will be. And you know it too. So please, stop being ironic a bit. People here don't say that top ladder players are not good. They say that the conquest game mode with its duoQ system is not soloQ friendly, for everyone, good players too. The current ranked mode is an aberration, in the way of competition (ranked mode).
  3. If there wasn't the duoQ system, you would have 1 in your team and the other in the enemy team. More balanced.The duoQ makes things even worst.
  4. They introduced duoQ to try to please both soloQ and TeamQ people.But at the end, it doesn't please soloQ and TeamQ people, none of them. As it was suggested, the best option would be a 2 separate ladder, a full soloQ and a full TeamQ. But it would need some time and resssources and Anet prefer to spend them in pve.
  5. Many players have the same problem more or less, me too.My recommendation is to stop focusing on climbing rank, and just play for you fun and your objectives.Don't wait anything from others since it's the core game problem to keep a team based game mode combined with a random team composition mode (lul).So play your style, your builds, focus on killing and not dying if it's your goal and have fun.You will see, it will be much more fun to still playing pvp in GW2. And if you continue to hard play for rank then it's your problem to not understand the gw2's pvp mecanics problems.
  6. The main reason of losing in a losing streak is when my mates lose their fights against enemy team. The strategy is clearly secondary. Some try to do the points and rotations but it's a lose because all the team is wiped again and again. I watch always the kill log. It's seems stupid but it's as if the system was able to detect the 2 or 3 (never all 4) worst players in term of fighting capacity and put them in my team in my losing streak. To compensate I should dominate with a crazy carry to balance the thing. But it's something I'm not capable to do. And after the losing streak, I'm against with very low players who I can kill in sec. in chain so begins my winning streak. (with scores like 18-0 or 22-0 at every matches) The interesting matches, where opponents are toughts but I'm not squeezed by 3 of them at every corner (means my mates can contain them) are very very very very very rare.
  7. Well you can see in every direction while running too (keep pressing forward). It's than the camera is looking front when you release left click (instead of right click).
  8. Because when you play without free camera than the camera does exactly what it does in the bug, it immediately turns you char back forward. It should not happen the way it does in your video but it looks like a bug caused by unfree camera. But in general playing with free camera is way better also for stuff like cast in your back during look behind. Also i never ever had this bug with free camera Yes, ur right for the move, but what's strange is that I don't move at all, just press the button shortcut, don't touch anything else. And it continues to happen until I double click or spam the button shortcut.And why does it happen just from time to time ?Even if it's this option, there would be still a bug.
  9. Ha, it reassures me a bit to know that it happens to some other people.And It would be nice to know what's the cause but with all experiences done I don't see what can be the cause of it. Seems complety random. I don't play with free camera but trying it disturbs me. But I don't see why this option could be the cause of it. Because 95% of the time there is no problem.
  10. As long as I remember, I had this bug(?) / problem from the beginning. In my playstyle (pvp) I use often the "about face" command and sometimes, randomly, when I push the button of it, the command is bugged or have problem. The problem is than, instead doing a full 180° turn (to move forward with some skill afterward) it just begins the move then nearly immediatly goes back to it's initial position (as you can see it in the video). Players who use it in pvp then must understand how penalizing it can be in pvp. Instead doing a forward move, I just tp back into the enemy blob or in some walls (with the camera zooming with it). Or at the beginning of a match, I just spend my skill tp back in the starting point. It happens with every button of mouse or keyboard. Single button, or ctrl+xxxx. And it's happening 1 time / 20-30 maybe. It's not everytime or often, but it happens always, a moment or another.I can get back to normal (button doing the right 180° turn) if I hammer the button. Just in case I have Logitech, Inc. Gaming Keyboard G810 (USB connexion)Logitech, Inc. G502 Proteus Spectrum Optical Mouse (Gaming Mouse G502) (USB connexion)with the program always updated.But i had this problem with my old keyboard and mouse too.First of all, I would want to know if someone has already faced this problem ?
  11. Here's the video. Another proof. And I'm moving at +25% speed. Hard to catch. The worst about this one is that he use freely speedhack, showing to everyone that he don't fear bans.he was already reported with video a long time ago and he's here again, doing same stuff.he is gold 3. Quite effective bot.if your a plat and lose against it's team, you lose nearly 20 points.
  12. All my proofs weren't enought ? But I ll upload at least the video I made of him. Even if nothing will (probably) change...
  13. No, because they use mirage atm before this spe is just overcheated for automated actions in pvp. Huge survivability and condi pression that's powerfull in low ranks.But if mirage didn't existed, bot users would use any other class, but with much less efficiency.
  14. Anyway, I see 2 of those bot users who are not in invisible mode, doing fractales, story and wvw like normal. One is having more than 34k achiev. So they are not all just gold farming accounts. They have done their 500-700 ranked matches this season and god know how many golds/gems like this, and continue to play like you and me who are struggling for every gold made. Cool life.
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