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  1. Well as a final note I did get all of my points in Tyria. I did the bosses in Silverwastes. It took me to days, 5 hours or so at a time to get them and I used the advised given to me on this forum. I want to thank all of the good comments here as it has been very informative. I also did a few fractals and got my last 2 mastery points. Now I have 18 more points to go on the Icebrood Saga. I hope they are not that tough to do. Although I had tried some of the jumping puzzles and they are not easy... Thanks to all the good posts... : )
  2. Thanks. Did the diving goggles... finally... need 7more masteries to finish Tyria.
  3. I guess I will have to tough it out and do some fractals. I need 7 more points to finish all of my masteries in Tyria.
  4. This is an excellent advice. Thanks. So far when I hear anyone shouting about one of these bosses when I get there is all over. So it seems that just camping one boss at a time makes the best sense. I assume that it will help to clear until the tier is 3 or preferably 4.
  5. Thanks that helps. I have all of my HoT and PoF masteries done. The Tyria masteries are harder to get. I guess as is old content and there are fewer players to help doing them. I only have 7 more Tyria masteries to finish them. I just did one this last week end. The diving one.... it was intense, especially the jumping puzzles but I did it. I will try the LFG. Had not done this yet. Every time I go to Silverwastes seems I miss this event. I need all of these and they are rare spawns. Mordrem Annihilator Mordrem Demolisher
  6. Well thanks... good list... I did get the Fractals.. all of them before I realized what I did... too late now. But 8 more and I am totally done with Tyria.. I have 318 mastery points at this time. I guess it is sort of a hobby/ collection to get them. Something to look for when I am playing. I only raid WoW and only do Fractals when needed for a legendary and now as a mastery collection tool. Oh and by the way the diving mastery -point has a JP, among the diving achievements , that is very tough... I had tried and failed! I would not mind if Arena removes this... I want to dive not
  7. I did the Jumping puzzle in Siverwastes. That was doable and not bad. However the diving one is just pure horrible. I could not finish it. The Fractals are ok when I am with my guild but to pug them is a complete misery, especially when you are beginning. I had done a few but it is a nerve wrecking situation.
  8. I am not home now but I think the 8 that are missing is the Pact Commander. I have done all of the rest. That is why I had run out of options. The World Bosses that I am missing are rare.. in Silverwastes.. I think the Anhilator among them.. there is 3 or 4 but they are rare. I had gone several times to find them and had never seen them. I have my necro and had tried to use my teleport in Jumping puzzles but most of the time cannot use it. Thanks for the replies. I will copy that.
  9. I had been playing this game x about 2 years. I am basically a late comer. I had so far enjoyed the game. I did complete all of of my HOT and POF mastery points. However I still have 8 more mastery points to complete the Tyria mastery points. I had found that the last few choices are hard and long. Some involve mobs that are rare and some are in fractals and complicated, difficult jumping puzzles.. By the way one of the reasons I left WoW was my disgust of dungeons and the RIO - key system. Now here there is fractals to accomplish something I want to do. I dislike jumping puzzles and the Tyr
  10. Okay,.,, but I remember only getting one gift of exploration upon completion of the HOT map.. maybe I should look again in my inventory, but as I recall I only got one. thanks,
  11. Once you complete a map. How do you get another gift of exploration on the same character?
  12. So the present GW2 , non Steam, will stop and there will be no more developments of the game?
  13. Actually I found the twelve crystals and was able to complete the story. There is 12 crystals in total. Some are easy to find. YOU need the springer to get most of them.
  14. I am stuck with the crystals. I restarted it and had been to different areas with crystals in others , if I follow the map with the green circles, I cannot find any crystals. It seems I can not find the continuation of the story and I am stuck searching for these crystals. I get a voice when I find one and so far I had found 4.Is this a bug?
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