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  1. So did some research. Im going for necromancer ! Thanks for your tips guys!
  2. Ah good to know. I don thave the expansions, so no Revenant for me (yet)
  3. Thanks a bunch, ill read into the new expansion. Didnt know about that ! Currently looking into a necromancer or guardian class to casuallly play. my interest is mostly solo or random battlegrounds (pvp) will those classes be fine for that content? Are there specific class specializations i should think about ?
  4. Hiya, So i played this game (mostly pvp) when it was released, but kinda went back to wow / eso before the first expansion launched. Now thats many years ago. My question is basicly twofold. Is it still worht it to play or did the dev's abandon the game? is it still alive? What are some valuable tips for returning players ? I can see myself starting a new class / new character to pick up the game again. No interest in continueing what i had.
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