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  1. Open threats are not the best way to relate with your customers. Threatening to do something amazingly heavy handed and unwarranted when someone doesn't agree with you or believe your statements is in very poor taste. I haven't broken any rules or violated the TOS in the incredible ways the offenders discussed here have who have received much, much less... Anyhow, have a nice day. That wasn't a threat. It was a joke as seen by a) how ridiculous it would be for an employee to react in such an overblown manner, and b) the winking smiley face at the end of the comment which acts as a symbol for "this is a joke". Purposefully not commenting on an individual's situation on a public forum is standard practice for companies; there is generally nothing to gain but a lot to lose. You wishing it wasn't so won't change the practice. You've been given all the information you need to come to a general understanding of the situation. There is no reason for you to know specifically what's going on with another person's account.Except they already have. We know how recieved dishonor when the leaderboards has multiple people removed. Then they post on an open forum what happened to them. The door is there and standing wide open. While it is a concern it’s not the main issue. The main issues are one it’s beem allowed to go on for as long as it did and they just know recieve punishment, that they only hit on the high points for win trading, that there’s still no word on what’s being done for speed hacks and that people are still speed hacking. If you’re going to address one you have to address the others as well. And if there is such a bug it’s the first I’ve heard about and it’s just now being stated it’s there.
  2. Sorry, not buying what you are selling here. Suddenly there is a "UI bug" when someone has a large amount of dishonor and now the screenshots people are putting up are "unreliable"? How convenient... Well, we can provide proof by giving you a few years of dishonour and you can learn how the timer rolls over in weird ways. If you agree that if I'm telling the truth, I can leave it there. ;) The bug is not "sudden." It's always been there. It not the type of bug people are going to post about and one we're in too big of a hurry to fix, given the small number of people affected.It’s not the big issue that gets me. It’s how, after it’s already been publicly announced, that you respond by saying you won’t comment on someone’s specific amount. It’s a yes so and so revieved X amount of dishonor or no they did not. If it’s no they didn’t and now there’s a “bug” then that’s the issue. If they recieved the three months like they were supposed to there’s no need to not comment.
  3. Now, this is just me but the way the first sentence reads is that some people didn’t get the three month dishonor. If they did simply saying everyone found in the intial investigation received three months as will any else found to be involved.But we’ll know if someone post a screenshot of any of those supposedly dishonored for 3 months on the leaderboards in a couple weeks. But please do not let this be the only time you do this. With the amount of people that are coming out as having done this or using speed hacks there’s really no reason that semi large bans/lengthy dishonors won’t happen weekly to bi weekly.
  4. Yeah a screen shot would definitely put the nail in the coffin either way. If Vaans posts s screen shot with anything less than s three months dishonor all hell would break lose. But if he posts if showing 3 months then he’s lying(or someone is) and there goes his credibility even further down the drain and no one would want him in their team(they shouldn’t anyway)
  5. Anet is “generally” pretty good at punishing people for verbal abuse. I know last night I was matched against the saltiest ranger in the NA and he was getting pretty narley with his threats and other things to the point two entire teams reported him for verbal abuse and match manip. I hope not to see him on again.
  6. Idk I find it hilarious that Anet let them put in all the effort to win trade to the top and then ban them essentially wasting their time.
  7. I would like to think all associated accounts got dishonor. But I’m sure they can get new accounts since Anet only said it was a three month dishonor not a “ban”.
  8. Gaile thank you for the update. My concern is that three months won’t be enough, unless y’all have s fix coming in to help elimate the speed and flying hack along with a system to discourage win trading.
  9. Oh lord I know whenever I get too close to a zerg that’s taking something or “fighting”. Fps drops to nothing.And yeah... tons of Mesmer hate but it’s cool. I switched over to power just before I took a break and it was refreshing. The bonus for me was the way I like to play got a decent buff this last patch so it’s enjoyable now. Especially when you’re bursting people running Sw/Sw Staff XD. But power shatter definitely isn’t face roll especially against classes with a lot of blocks. Condi is in a better spot as far as face roll goes too.
  10. Yeah the attempted six duels by SM are why I stick to the BLs. Lots of people traveling through runes and most are down for a good fight, but nice video keep em coming.
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