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  1. This promotion is giving me Kung Fu Tea PTSD all over again.
  2. The egg codes are already out. And yet for EU players, the outfit code is still nowhere to be found. Which means that if you are an EU veteran/new player, this promotion is as good as useless for you 3 hours since its release. Guess we can stop registering the account. Edit: > @Sligher.6043 said: I was not seeing it, because I created my account through your link and afterwards was on the https://na.alienwarearena.com/page/gamevault webpage, but this is the North America Alienware giveaway webpage. To get the egg in Europe you need to go to the European Alienware giveaway webpage: https:/
  3. "....+ YOUR FREE DRAGON OUTFIT!" !!! Eagerly registered the Alienware Arena "Wait a minute.... why is there nothing on the website....?" (US only) "Oh... I guess European players don't even deserve to get free stuff...... Cool...."
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