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  1. Awesome, they made my suggestion. Hadn't checked this discussion in months. Thank You Arenanet.
  2. The whole purpose of the scroll would be to get to World bosses as quickly as possible. Anything else people project on to this or assume my intentions are false.
  3. I'm following up on the idea of the season portal scrolls which let you travel to a waypoint in any of the new zones for free. Would be nice to get the same drop down list with bosses names and just pick Tequatl or Chak Gearant and go to the closest waypoint.
  4. Don't know what you mean by auto killing. Would just like a quick way to get to world bosses without relying on other people.
  5. Maybe add the world boss timers to it too. If possible. Be nice to have that inside the game.
  6. Basically I think It would be cool to create a world boss portal scroll that would take you to the nearest waypoint of a selected list of world bosses across tyria. Similar to how the season portal scrolls work. Make it a gemstore thing if you think thats a good idea. Or better yet a scavenger hunt type thing in game to collect the Locations by doing the Bosses. If anyone has anything to add to this post please share it. Hopefully some Devs will see and like this idea.
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