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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and perception on EoD! I will wait, but I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea of getting the expansion, but I'm also taking note and a bit worried that, while there's still plenty to enjoy for casual players, the shift is palpable. Hopefully voicing these opinions will make ArenaNet realize that while hardcore players need content that is challenging and satisfying, it's not Anet's duty to convert casual players into hardcore players that love strikes and difficult group content that requires hours of preparation and
  2. Thank you! I'm very relieved to see your message as you seem to really get where I'm coming from! I'm glad you also see the push to a different direction, but that you also see there's still a lot to do, that makes me way more inclined to experience the expansion. I haven't finished IBSaga yet so I still don't know the extent of this push. But yeah locking something as big as the new mount was really bad. I'm also very iffy on Anet's response, what I'm hoping is that they are holding off because there's a lot of internal discussion going on and they need to be extra sur
  3. Thank you so much Deekkru! Personally I have no interest and get no joy from build crafting, learning the classes inside and out, or having characters with different builds equiped and ready for a variety of situations, with rotations memorized as well. So even if increasing the difficulty and reaching the skill cap is achievable... It would be very restricting being expected to do all this, when I get my joy from exploring the maps, doing collections, or following the story and learning about the world that is Tyria and the many characters and dynamics that make this w
  4. Thank you! That's really interesting, I never thought that was the reason of strikes: Because Raids required a heavy development cost, I really hope they've found the key to making hardcore content more easy to produce, and hopefully the challenge modes will be up to hardcore player standards. It's also cool that they are making them accessible for anyone that's curious and wants to get into that content. Just hopefully the devs don't expect the whole playerbase to be comfortable playing them. I'm so happy you perceive there's a lot still aimed at collector/Ex
  5. This was very comprehensive! A lot of what you mention sounds really good and makes me optimistic. If the metas are like current Heart of Thorns I'm ok, I won't be doing them over and over but it's something fun to dive into once in a while. A bit wary about it having too much going on, hope it's not too confusing. I didn't know there were more RNG aspects in the expansion besides the DE fight. But since that and length of the meta are the most common issues between both casuals and hardcore players... hopefully it will be addressed or it's impact reduced.
  6. Thank you! Thad doesn't sound bad, better understanding the mechanics of the game, or having a better idea of how to make a nice build sounds good. As long as it's not too restrictive like "You must know one or several classes inside and out, learn how to create the most efficient builds. And to advance you MUST group up and are expected to learn complicated rotations in order to pull your weight" Something like that would be stressful and not my personal idea of fun. It's good that content is in the game of course! But as long as it's completely optional then I'm very happy.
  7. Yeah this is what has me worried and needing to ask questions and maybe speak out, it makes sense and it is the cost effective solution to try and shrink the diversity of players, since making content for all the different groups of players has proven to be very difficult for them. But hopefully they'll understand that trying to "convert" their casual players into hardcore endgame fans is just not going to work. I'm curious, do you see a lot more things being hidden behind Strike/Raid content in EoD? This is what I'm wary about the most. If the masteries, story and ma
  8. Thank you! You're absolutely right, and I'm definitely going to wait and see. But also since the general mood of casuals seems to be a bit pessimistic, I really wanted to get a better idea about whether this is only directed at the mount and the one event, or if it's about the whole expansion.
  9. That is true, I came here after seeing a lot of comments on youtube videos, and honestly was feeling worried that the whole expansion would be a really big shift in difficulty, and example of things to come moving forward. But if it's just the one event, I'm feeling better. Yeah the maps look beautiful and it seems like the story and mechanics are really good, I wouldn't want to miss out! But I'd also feel like an absolute moron buying an expansion that's subtly trying to tell me where the door is, y'know. Thank you so much!
  10. Yep! That is the one event I meant! It's really the only event I keep hearing about as well, but I also am trying to stay spoiler free so I wanted to ask a bit more directly about the whole expansion. I'm glad as far as you've seen it appears they are completely optional. I agree it's a good idea to base the strikes on encounters from the story instances, I'd agree it would make them less intimidating for those that wish to do them. Hopefully there's not a lot of collections and stuff behind strikes, besides fun challenging achievements and prestige items for the people
  11. Thank you!! This is giving me a few things to keep in mind but it's overall pretty encouraging! That aspect of wanting players to get "better" has me a bit worried. On one hand, yes I'd like to get better at understanding general mechanics of the game! And from what I've heard.. they are doing a good job at introducing these naturally and little by little. On the other hand I worry they'll soon expect the average player to get t4 fractal builds, memorize rotations, get food and upkeep a ton of boons for a party. As someone who plays in small chunks of time and likes to jump into different
  12. Thank you for your reply! I think it's a good idea to make strike missions from story instances, if people enjoy them I think it really makes the idea of trying them not so scary, and of course locking some special achievements and prestige items behind strikes is to be expected, I'm just hoping they don't become the new norm, I tried some IBS strikes and really didn't like the format, I'll still keep an open mind if I get the expansion. Giving people tools and options to jump into different types of content and difficulty is incredible! Expecting the whole playerbase to make the shift...
  13. Does it feel to you like the whole expansion is a shift to force their whole playerbase into the strike/raid scene? Or is it just the one event aimed at the tryhards, with a lot of badly designed elements (rng, casual features locked behind it, way too long, etc). I'm trying to decide if I'll buy the expansion. If it's just the one event then I don't mind, I imagine with enough time to learn and a few adjustments it could just become a triple trouble type event, but if the whole expac, feels like a general shift to increase difficulty and force people to do strikes, I'll skip this ex
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