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  1. I've recently purchased the two expansions and with the 2 free level 80 boosts, I was wondering which professions I should use them on.I've leveled a warrior to level 80 the old-fashioned way, but I've gotten quite bored of the profession while playing the level 80 content. I would like to use it on a profession that is either a pain to level but isn't too complex that once I use the boost, I would be overwhelmed by the learning curveor just a profession that is easy to pick up and can enjoy HoT and PoF with. I'll mostly be playing PvE, but may try PvP once I'm more confident with the mechanic
  2. Is this normal for all races or is it just for female norn? If the latter, which race doesn't have such clipping?https://imgur.com/a/ikdH4
  3. Hello, I'm getting back into the game, but I can't decide which race would look the best for warrior.I'm torn between Charr and female Norn.I already have a level 25 Charr warrior, but I made it about 2 years ago and I'm unsure whether I should delete it and start over as a female norn.Warrior just seems natural for the demeanor and background that Charrs have, but aesthetically, I feel as though female norns are able to wear heavy armor in a cleaner fashion (less clipping) without being too big and bulky like male norns and too slim like humans.
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