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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't played in about a week, but immediately after patching, I noticed that I was getting way better frames and performance than usual. It was really nice until I started also getting huge frame drops at random. My screen will freeze for about 1 or 2 seconds, which has never happened to me before. My graphics settings are the same as before, nothing seemed to change there. Was there anything changed that might be causing this? Sometimes I get frame drops in WvW fights, but I'll also get them while doing nothing, or opening my inventory, which is unusual for my computer. Runn
  2. Immediately after the hotfix patch I noticed markedly improved FPS compared to normal, but my frames were also dropping to zero at random times which doesn't ever happen to me. My graphics options are the same as usual. Did anything change?
  3. If you can commit to the class and learning the proper rotations, Weaver offers some of the highest damage in the game.
  4. The problem isn’t about learning rotations, the problem is learning Weaver rotations specifically. They’re pretty tedious and a lot more complicated than every other class out there, it seems.
  5. Hi all! I've been playing Elementalist casually for quite some time now and would like to start doing raids. My question is, what are my chances of any raids wanting to take me along if I'm not committed to learning the ridiculous rotations for weaver builds? I'm currently running a Scepter/Warhorn build on Tempest that was recently put up by SnowCrows, but I'm unaware of the rotation for this build so far. Is it just as hard? Are there any viable builds that I can run that don't require learning ridiculous rotations and still be be able to find raid groups? I know its a bit selfish to expect
  6. I'm also open to Tempest builds as well if they are viable!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to decide what is the best gear route for me to go for Raid and Fractal content. I would also like to do PVP content as well and noticed that both PVP and some raid builds use Sword and another off hand weapon. Is there a build where I could utilize the Sword and another off hand weapon for both PVP and Raids/Fractals to avoid needing so much different gear?
  8. This is great advice! Thank you so much for your help! If I were to focus on a damage build, what set would be most viable for Eles atm? I have both Hot and PoF expansions.
  9. I'm playing Staff Tempest on NA servers right now. As far as I can tell Staff Tempest with a focus on heals is the most viable build for Elementalists right now. Before I stopped playing it was focused on DPS, Berserker's, but they've been highly nerfed since then it seems. I know Weaver can be one of the best builds, but that its also really difficult. I mostly play WvW, so I switched my gear to Maklain's/Minstrel's for that. I'm really not sure what build is best for eles in raid/fractals though. From what I know, they are sometimes used as secondary healers after Druids.
  10. Hi everyone! I would like to begin raiding but I'm not really sure where or how I should start off. I have ascended staff and one ascended gear piece, with the rest of my gear being exotic. I also have most of my ascended accessories except they are for a build I'm not longer using (Berserker's, switched to Minstrel's recently). Is this gear enough for groups to let me in to start raiding or learning to raid, or do I need to build up more first? If I can start, which are the best raids to start off with that I may be able to actually find groups for? Thanks in advance!
  11. I think its more due to being paired with a new server like someone mentioned earlier and possibly the event. WvW was perfectly fine last week and I had no issue with huge zergs/raids and finding commanders. I did not know the GOM was paired with a new server, so that explains a lot!
  12. You've never played a dead game before :v lol
  13. Hi everyone, I started playing recently and have been participating in WvW quite a lot in the past 2 months or so on Gate of Madness. I was out of town earlier this week and when coming back it seems like WvW is just completely dead this week lol There's hardly any commander tags up, and the few commander tags that have been up have been...questionable commanders lol I haven't had this happen in the last 2 months I've been playing..Is this normal?
  14. Hi everyone, I've been playing Revenant for a few days and have not been able to find out how exactly energy regenerates. Is it over time? Or when I don't use any skills? Or something else. I watched a video that explained how energy is drained, but it never said how I can regenerate it lol! Please, any help is appreciated! Thanks
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