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  1. No, there is no logical reason you should have access to skins just because you bought the expansion. That makes no sense at all. But I'm glad you posted that because it shows an important point ... the price of the skins doesn't actually matter. There are ALWAYS going to be unhappy, no matter what the price is. This guy is a prime example; he doesn't think they should cost anything! There is no price that anyone can think of that will make every player satisfied and allow Anet to make money; there IS no 'right' price that will prevent some fraction of players being unhappy. Therefore, it's si
  2. Griffon mount is 250 gold and translates to about 1000 gems and that is around 12$. So I would have to pay 12$ for something that I should already have access to when I bought the expansion. Outrageous. And why is no one complaining that legendary weapons are expensive? With gold to gems those 2500 gold get you 10000 gems that would cost 125$ to buy. And if you were to buy gems and convert them to 2500 gold it would cost around 180$. And even that is cheap when you consider the time spent farming for those 2500 gold or doing collections and crafting yourself. You realize that if you spent that
  3. Almost all classes can tank, but the reason chrono is used is not because it is the best at tanking. Chrono is used because it can provide quicknes and alacrity while tanking. With chrono as a tank you don't need additional player playing as support to provide alacrity and quicknes. Chrono is not just a tank, but a support also, hence it is meta at the moment. Some have tried using firebrand for quicknes and revenant for alacrity to replace chrono, but that requires some setup and is not really practical in pugs, and having a chrono is more simple.
  4. That really is not the case anymore. Before dps meters were a thing, commanders asked to ping a meta build so they can be assured that the person has at least potential to do good dps. Since the arrival of dps meters you are judged by your dps output and are able to prove that your build works even if it is not meta. That is how it is for dps at least. For a support, dps meters also provide stats for boon uptime. And healer can be judged by how well they keep ppl alive. And since you can see incoming damage aswell you can't always blame the healer when ppl are dying if they don't know how to a
  5. Wow.. Ok.. this was kinda cool! Did you know.. that among 50% of the total population, the average WvW rank is 42.and the Average number of Mag shards is 0. Draw whatever you want from that. You do realize that if I spend my magnetite shards, then it will still be zero...right? You can't sell or deplete wvw rank. You literally can't 'draw' any information from this, because there is no comparison to be had there. Do you really wanna know the numbers on badges of Honor? Hint.. it's at 90% it's over 200. Wanna what it looks like at 90% for mag shards? .. even those with 4000+ hours.. have ZER
  6. What if we look at how many want to raid and/or are interested in raids? That would be "regularly 18%", "sometimes 11%", "no group don't want to pug 12%". Assuming that "no group don't want to pug" means "yes, if I had a group". That ads up to 41% which is not too bad of a number. And if we assume that "other 5%" and "No, tried it but didn't work out 12%" have 50/50 interested and not interested ppl we get 49,5% interested and 47,5% not interested. This is based on the assumption that some of these ppl are interested but due to various circumstances are unable to join raids. Assumtions aside,
  7. Due to the competitive nature of wvw and pvp they generate lot of balance related complaints to the forums. I took a 5 second glance at pvp section and top 20 topics were all complaining about something. Raids don't generate that much complaints, or maybe they do but those complaints are not posted to that section of the forum.
  8. How you use your hero points does not determine what skills you have at level 80. At level 80 you have enough points to get all skills and traits. This game does not have traditional skill tree you have to reset in order to change traits. Once you have unlocked all your traits at lvl 80 you are able to swap them at any time you want. And to answer the question: No you can not reset your skills/traits. This might be a slight inconvenience while leveling, but not a problem when you hit lvl 80.
  9. Pick an easy boss. Look up some raid guides and videos. Get a commander tag. Make a squad. Ask for 200li. Get carried. Profit.
  10. Harrier armor and weapons with the right food is just fine for running raids. Many groups use 2 druids anyway so might stacking should not be a problem. You would be at 73% boonduration (or 80% with concentration food) with magi trinkets. And if you can afford concentration sigils you would be at 100%. And while raidin you can work towards getting full harrier with magnetite shards. And if you really want that boonduration you can use exotic magi pieces with plat doubloons to get to 100% without using concentration sigil. (At a slight cost to healingpower)
  11. "SoulBeast BRAWLER Sniper Build-Guide" -That must be Bik :o -Yep, it is Bik :3 -Nice work man B)
  12. I suppose that would be easy to achieve with a simple macro: "ENTER , Ctrl + V , ENTER" Then just copy the right chatcode to clipboard and you are set. The macto might require some delays in bitween keys, maybe 25ms. With the macro bound to a key you can even spam LI like it was in your inventory, no one can tell the difference. Dunno how common this is but being so easy I would say pretty common. LI means pretty much nothing, even if you spam it. And spamming is ugly and annoying. Asking to spam LI is just "Hooray! You know how chatcodes work, but can you raid?"
  13. If they were changed so that they do full damage at range, they surely would not be allowed to keep the same damage. Melee skills are usyally srtonger because risk/reward and stuff and ranged attacks weaker. Suppose the skills are balanced such that you have to be in the harms way to get the full effect, if that was changed to safe/ranged, the maximum damage would be nerfed. So yea.. I think they would become weaker. Condi ranger is pretty much a melee class that happens to have some medium range attacks.
  14. Well, they have unretired scourge and listed it as meta on Sabetha and effective on Xera. https://qtfy.eu/guildwars/necromancer/condi-scourge/ Edit: Just took another look and it seems they listed scourge effective on MO as well.
  15. Can confirm, Xera's backpiece has harrier and so should the other back items.
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