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  1. What's going on here? What's going on here? I mean, it's seriously broken. High sustain, high pet damage, mobility, boons, etc...W T F????
  2. Please, tell me, why such an insane amount of boons? Aegis, alacrity, fury, might, protection, quickness, regeneration, resistance, retaliation, stability, swiftness, vigor, spam spam spam spam spam and SPAM SPAM SPAM. WHY???? Why don't you consider removing stability or protection? making gameplay smarter is a good alternative.
  3. That is not the point. If you play with a broken class and you are good at it, obviously you will be able to rise because your enemies (who are usually bad players) will not know how to deal with you and they will die all the time. However on the other side there is a player who is better than you, but has a class that is not broken (ranger, guardian or any other) and he will not have that opportunity.
  4. The guy puts as an example a PvE build?? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? When you say that a build is goal, you refer to what's on top of it!!! Stop talking nonsense.
  5. It's definitely a game of luck. No matter how good you are, if your team is bad, you will be lost !! Of course, the fact that you play well contributes a lot to the game (obvious), but from the moment you find yourself in a team with two people who do not know how to spin, nothing, absolutely nothing, you can do. The only thing you have to do is pray that the other team is worse than yours.
  6. This is not the first time this happens, but you are putting 2/3 gold players in 1/2 platinum. What kind of balance is this? The problem is also not limited only to the level, but to the game of the person, all the time with players unable to play, that is, when they do not stay afk during it.It is past time for you to take action on this.
  7. I'm not trying to build walls, even because I play just PVP. The point is that you have something in the game that could be of ultility, but it is not. I have this thought too. I also have this problem and this is not new in the current pvp situation.
  8. I would like to know what you could do with regards to the pvp level. I mean, in WvW for example there is a utility, but in pvp it is different. You could put this level of pvp to get some ascended pieces with differentiated skins, just like it is in WvW. @Ben Phongluangtham.1065, i would like your opinion.
  9. Do you want to weaken the warrior even more? Remember that it has no blast damage, it's a class made for this function. This would only be acceptable if the meta were modified for ALL classes.
  10. All right, let's assume a situation. You are taking a point when suddenly a condition thief appears and this thief leaves you immobilized and exploding with various conditions. So they move away from that point, but it's still there near you when they suddenly repeat the same cycle and again immobilize and explode you with conditions. A thief should not force you to get out of a point like this unless he is very good. Some people need to understand some questions: 1- This build is something so SICK that it does not require any work for you to blow up the conditions.2- Most players who play wit
  11. There is a big difference in what some people are talking about. There are specializations that need to be nerfadas, that's obvious. I'm specifically talking about plat 2 / plat 3 games, where good players with absurdly strong builds (mirage and thief) do what they want in the game. Of course there are people who do not know how to play with the class and based on these experiences, some will say no problem ... Play against a thief condition at this level and try to capture the point using a warrior, for example. I doubt you can do that.
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