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  1. Keep dodging. I straight up asked you what part of what part of surviving when you would have otherwise died is BS. Your explanation is you tunnel visioning that camp. Me no leave camp. Leave camp = me lose. Go do something else. That's what happens when if have the ability to disengage.
  2. Of course you stopped reading the rest. Cause the rest is actually on topic and not your boo woo you stated something in a different way then you did before.
  3. Of course your not going to admit that you are trying to trick people into thinking that executing a winning strategy is losing. I never claimed you ever wrote that. I'm claiming that's what you trying to do. Like successfully escaping death so you can continue to fight is part of the process? You denied that camp he went and got another you both still have one camp. Every time the other guy gets into trouble he can leave and contribute elsewhere. Every time you get into trouble you are more likely to die and cant continue to contribute. How did you win and how did he lose? Meanwhile you throwing a hissy fit cause you're getting called out for trying to groom people into thinking being able to contribute elsewhere if you can't take that camp is losing.
  4. Lol that's it? Red and blue? You want to discuss why you think point and rewards don't go hand in hand instead? Can you dodge the discussion even harder? Ya to win you do need points but you don't need THAT specific camp, as I already said. Again keep dodging. Keep pretending like you actually tunnel vision that camp when you don't. Ya let me force this guy off this camp and don't prevent him from taking the other camp or killing my other teammate. So good for me.
  5. Wtf. So you throw a hissy fit cause I said I prevent my opponent from getting reward instead of my opponent getting points. You get a reward when you win. To win you need points. How do you think I stop my opponents from getting rewards? By preventing them getting points. What are you on about. Nothing goes through me cause you spend more time typing things like "you don't understand", "you keep changing what your saying", "you used rewards instead of points", something along those lines whiling completely ignoring the actual discussion. I'm trying to tell you you said something you didn't? I straight up asked you what your claim was and you ignored it. Are you pretending you like you don't know the benefits of surviving and it's more then just feeling good or not? Am I wrong In assuming you actually know and you're just down playing it or not? Keep ignoring the actual discussion and write about how me using a different word is throwing you off instead. Are YOU reading anything? So when you successfully dodge any enemies attack do you say you lost cause you were forced to dodge? You not forced to do anything you could have taken the hit if you wanted just like you could have stayed and died if you wanted. You are disengaging on your own terms. You chose to do it. The only reason you say you are being forced to is because you're tunnel visioning that stupid camp. Glowy circle means I don't walk out. I leave I lose. Wtf who cares about that stupid camp, there's so many other camps. Why you stuck on that camp? Your objective is not just that camp. If you can't take that camp how is choosing to contribute to the game mode in another way losing? You just wasted your time? Did you not waste just as much as the other guys time? He would have flipped that camp earlier if you didn't show up at all. Again stop pretending like you actually care about that camp so much and is willing to die on it. Stop pretending like people who choose to do something else if they can't take that camp is losing. Going to contribute in another way if you can't take that glowy circle is a legit strategy to win. You do it, I do it, everyone does it. Or are you going to keep pretending you don't know about this strategy and don't use it and claim I'm making stuff up about you? Are you trying to groom people into thinking leaving that camp is then losing or not? You claiming they are "forced to disengage" already tells me you know that preventing yourself from dying when you otherwise should have is not losing.
  6. When I said "point" I mean the camp, the glowing circle. The "camp" wasn't yours in the first place so you lose nothing for abandoning it. Just because I used another word than I did earlier doesn't mean I'm changing what I'm saying. Stoop even lower with your pettiness. My BS? What is my BS? That survival isn't losing? Your BS is you trying to convince people that successfully disengaging so you can go and do another objective when you would have otherwise died is you losing. What story am I twisting? If this isn't your point then what is your point? Oh so you don't play thief? Well forgive me. How does that change getting away if you would have otherwise died is not a lose? So explain how you're playing? When you about to die you don't try to run to stay alive so you can keeping fighting? Anyone can disengage but not anyone can do it easily, so how is disengaging on your own terms successfully considered losing? I don't care what class you play or what mode you play. Surviving when you would have otherwise died is not losing. This statement is universal. When you about to die you do everything you can to stay alive cause you know the benefits of surviving in whatever game mode you play and is not just cause it feels good. Did I "assume" correctly or do you actually not know? Cause I'm pretty dam sure you know and is pretending you don't on the forums.
  7. You said you find it hilarious that one of my objective is preventing my enemy from getting points for their team. This is because I also said that running away and letting the enemy take the camp isn't me losing. You think both of these statements I've made are hilarious because if my objective is to prevent enemies from getting points hows is letting them take the camp not losing. You failed to realize that if you can't beat the guy on point, that point was never yours to begin with. He would have taken it if you never showed up, he would have taken it if you fought and died, he would have taken it if you fought and ran, either way he's taking it. If you fought, can't beat the guy, and ran you didn't lose anything cause it wasn't yours in the first place. Gaining the ability to go and kill someone else or flipping something else when you should have died is a win. Ya you are, pretty sure from the start it's me calling you out on your BS. I said "if you". A hypothetical. Me saying "If you get shot, you will die", mean exactly if you get shot, you will die. It doesn't mean you got shot and have died. It means if anyone got shot they will die. You, yes you, now I'm addressing you directly, must be getting pretty desperate since you are getting this petty. "Don't use the word "you" when you are talking to me. It offends me. Use "if player A" instead". Srsly? You are grooming. Again what word would you like me to use instead that has the same meaning and would satisfy your pettiness?
  8. Me preventing my enemy from getting reward is hilarious cause you choose to ignore the fact that if they got away they can capture something else or kill someone else from my team to gain rewards for their team and prevent the person they killed from contributing to my team. Of course you're going to spin it like its about my feelings when I'm calling you out on your grooming BS. So I'm not suppose to address you with "you"? What would you to like me to call you then? "This groomer"? Making my silly assumptions? Oh forgive me if you really have no idea of the benefits of surviving and actually think that you escaping a situation in which you would have otherwise died its actually helping the other guy win. It must annoy you so much having to waste all that time downing your enemies and stomping them before you can actually start flipping your camp. Please buff everyone else's disengage so when we are all losing a fight to this guy, we can help him flip his camp and win faster by running away.
  9. Its all about feelings huh. So only you deserve to feel good and never have to worry about feeling bad since your character has best disengage in game? Everyone else is suppose to buy into your if I win I get to kill you but if you win you only get to watch me run away entitled BS? You run for the same season everyone else runs. Being alive allows you to continue contributing. Dying requires you to run back taking up your time. I know you know the benefits of staying alive and it's not just about your feelings that's why you play the class with the best disengage in game. Stop pretending like you don't. I play to the games objectives to which is fun for me. Killing players and naturalizing them is how I choose to contribute to my objectives when roaming. If I feel like it I might take a camp. But who the hell goes and flip 20 camps and say wow I just won 20 times? You're roaming wvw on a thief which isn't the most effective class at flipping camps either so quit pretending like you care so much about your so called camp flipping objective. You're playing thief because its the best at what it can do. +1, picking off back line, easy disengaging if things go south. This whole thing is you trying to groom others into thinking its okay for them to watch you get away.
  10. I never said I didn't care about objectives. I said I don't care about your definition of wvw objectives which is forcing enemy off the camp you are standing on. I care very much about my objectives of doing everything possible in game to get rewards for myself and my team and preventing my enemies from getting rewards. Keep trying to spin this whole thing as me caring about a bag and not you justifying why you deserve to live when you lost while everyone else doesn't. That is even more hilarious.
  11. Which is why I asked you if you think your opponent running away achieves similar things as you getting the kill, why do you run when you're about to get killed? Why is your goal preventing your enemy from flipping the circle you're currently standing on and not the circle the they will flip if they got away? Maybe if you focus super hard you'll realize that you can't answer my question without admitting that being alive and able to keep fighting and continue to contribute to your team isn't losing.
  12. "change the outcome much - if anything-" means it doesn't change it much or anything at all. This means useless. The hell you trying to pull. You have the mobility to disengage but trying to tell me you don't have the mobility to get to another camp before the other guy? Why you feel the need to stay at that camp that guy is sitting at? Go flip something else or find someone else to kill. This is a privileged that is reserved for the winner not the loser. Play by my own made up set of rule? My set of rules is do everything that is allowed by the game to get rewards for my team and myself and/or denying rewards for my enemies. Your set of rule is fight on glowing circles you leave circle you lose. I can leave circle all I want and go flip another circle or kill someone else. I didn't lose jack. Keep trying to groom people into thinking you being able to disengage at will is them winning. Nobodies buying it.
  13. What....? Are you serious? Everything is a okay cause you said "a kill, which doesn't mean much -if anything- and doesn't really change much of the outcome" instead of "it's useless". Fighting on glowing circles? Who said I need to fight on glowing circles? The map is huge. I can spawn camp you and be more effective at denying you points. I can pick you off while you trying to get back to your zerg. I can do so much to deny your team points while off circle. If I fought you and realized I was going to die so I leave at will and capture another camp or tower, kill a few enemies trying to get back to their zerg, scouted info for my zerg, kissed your girlfriend, but because I was able to successfully run away I lost? No I won and you lost. You lost big time.
  14. Yes, I know what your saying. Most of the stuff I don't disagree with and the stuff that I do disagree with is not worth mentioning. Stealth is the most annoying thing to deal with in this game is my and many others opinion. Like I said my only problem is people claiming you win if I got away successfully. If I win the fight then I get to kill you but if you win the fight then nononono you will be content with me running away.
  15. I never said you said it was useless I said " as useless as you say". And this is as useless as you say: "You just cry because you didn't get a kill, which doesn't mean much -if anything- and doesn't really change much of the outcome. What point are you trying to make? That one bag is super valuable? Nope, that's not it. So what is it? "I feel better when I kill someone as opposed to someone running away? Well, nobody cares." So if it doesn't mean much and doesn't change the outcome much why you choose to run when you about to die? Cause you yourself knows the value of living to fight another day and that because you were able to run away you are able to go and flip another camp and kill another player which causes you to reap all the benefits of running away. You are straight up trying to groom others into thinking they win if you escaped so its okay for you to do so at will. Of course you're not going to admit to it and claim I'm making stuff up when we all can see that is exactly what you are doing. What am I dodging?
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