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  1. Lmao? 🙄🙄🙄 How is this logic actually even more garbage than other people's posts in here? Cough. Yeah I get your annoyance with the word usage of literally, but actually have some logic instead of saying "EOD makes this irrelevant." It's actually like looney toons logic to see people use this as defensible argument. God I wish I could see some of you have to actually go to a debate and then get immediately eviscerated. You'd get a 1 immediately/F-.
  2. It's nerfed boys. THANK kittening god like ANET SAID IT SHOULD BE. kittening christ. The braindead staff mirage build is balanced like it should be.
  3. LMAO, I didn’t want to say it like that but..... like yeah. He mentioned Chrono being unusable, why the heck would stm chrono be even thought of as an option. I have no idea why stm chrono has any relevance to any point he’s trying to make. I think I’ve got my fill of the kitten that is gw2 forums. Its truly a wasteland out here of some forbidden logic and oddly enough reddit has some more reasoned people lmao 😂
  4. This. This. Exactly why I don’t have zero idea why this is even being brought up. It does nothing to change or do anything in fractals.
  5. What in the world does stm have anything to do with this? Stm chrono hasn't been used in literally a years in any sense of the fractals whatsoever. You're literally bringing up a point that has nothing to do with your original point You were talking about Chrono being unusable, STM chrono can give quickness just fine but you were talking about Chrono being unusable at all, you never specified STM chrono as unusable. Literally I cannot make any sense of what you're saying. You asked about Chrono, so I used chrono in fractals and demonstrated it's ACTUALLY usable. Your original point was that Ch
  6. Ok wait but you literally said chrono is borderline unusable 8 hours ago in this post right above LIKE literally. Are you unable to see what your post said or something? Chrono is NOT unusable and failing again and again is on you and/or your group, that doesn't mean Chrono is unplayable that's just literally on you and being able to play easier classes is just that alone, it doesn't make a class unplayable just because you can't play it yourself.
  7. Ok so.... I got the logs. I was not failing over and over. All of these were one pulls, as messy as they may be. https://dps.report/c2iY-20210603-205109_ai https://dps.report/7fTN-20210603-203123_mama https://dps.report/50IU-20210603-203551_siax https://dps.report/tdSq-20210603-203942_enso https://dps.report/9oXI-20210603-201907_skor https://dps.report/muhB-20210603-202348_arriv https://dps.report/8HVx-20210603-202743_arkk Yeah its damage sucks, but once again power chrono was never good in fractals lmao. I don't know what people you run with that your gro
  8. The issue with this is that you’re using comparison damage to state that something is broken.This is not the only thing that determines something being broken. If literally every class did 50k dps on SH, that would just mean everything is broken. Having every class do 50k would actually make raids already so much easier than it already is. The issue still stands that its completely not fun to have something like that. It doesn't negate the logic that have something broken now doesn't make it any less broken than something that comes later. Balancing does not come purely from comparison to othe
  9. I'll attempt chrono then and see what happens. I'm pretty confident like that me going chrono will not make the run fail and give all logs/attempts given for it then. Maybe it's just me but I really don't find CMs hard enough to warrant that me going chrono is actively griefing the run. And yeah I mean I'm basically advocating just nerf it to the point it's like still good. Not like to the ground lmao. I don't even mind if it's close in DPS with axe mirage, but if ANET is going to tell us "we want Axe mirage to be the dps build" then bloody do it XD. I'll get it to you this week or next.
  10. Hm I .... don't necessarily agree. I don't think I've had trouble clearing cms period with really anything tbh, I used chrono to clear CMs before Chrono got insanely buffed and it was honestly not hard at all. Your point is valid though if there's like tons of people having trouble clearing CMs with chrono vs something else (assuming they're actually skilled and don't have trouble clearing with classes they're equally good at). I do want to point that this post nerf chrono was STRONGER than the pre-buff chrono (when I was using it to clear CMs and was more of a noob at the game). I'm down to g
  11. Ok but like you still didn't address the point that I was saying that Chrono was ACTIVELY terrible in CMS before as well. There's a reason all the records didn't have chrono even before the nerf. You can't just use the logic of "axe is perfectly usable" on most raid bosses and then say Chrono is not perfectly usable in CMs. Mirage is perfectly usable in the same way as Chrono is perfectly usable. It's not optimal but it never was and never should have been lmao. It literally is usable in CMs and ironically still better than some DPS options like Daredevil. Ping issues are not relevant to this
  12. It takes a while for them to update things to be honest. SC hasn’t updated for classes either. It literally can takes a month+ for this to happen and usually does take that long or longer. I mean look at the benches they’re all clearly outdated right now. But its like extremely clear that mirage is that good. I mean check my log here lmao. https://dps.report/steM-20210601-180715_sh I think that alone is self explanatory of how stupidly strong it is. No class could come even close to that under those conditions for the past 2 years. And mind you this took me a hour to learn. Axe mirage took me
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